Ez and Fonz at 18 months

Ez doesn’t have many words (‘shoes’, ‘star’ and ‘bubbles’ being her particular favourites), but she doesn’t struggle to make herself understood. If she wants me to do something, she purposefully marches over, grabs my hand, and leads me to where she needs me. If I still don’t get what she wants, she’ll hold my hands and position them where she wants them (to open the flip top lid of a water bottle for example). If the answer to a question I ask is ‘no’ (Is she tired? Does she want any yoghurt?), she doesn’t say the word, but adamantly and clearly shakes her head.

She will sit for ages trying to work a belt, the pushchair straps, her shoe buckles, the fastenings on the toy pushchair. She doesn’t usually get frustrated, just endlessly repeats the same action, trying to master it for herself. If she really can’t do it, she’ll come and get me (see above).

She likes walking, but she’s getting increasingly partial to being carried, holding both arms up, or wrapping herself round my legs if I dare to ignore her request.

She is aware of her hair, and if someone says pretty, she automatically pats her curls, because she’s so used to people telling her her hair is pretty. She likes me to puts slides in, but most of the time she pulls them out and we go through endless ‘put slide in’, ‘take slide out’ dances.

We only really watch TV before bed, when we turn on Waybuloo and In The Night Garden. Ez climbs up on the sofa, pulls the folded blanket off the back, and arranges it over her lap so she can watch in comfort. She recognises the characters from In The Night Garden now, and waves hello and goodbye. Sometimes she’ll even say, ‘Daisy!’

Things that make Ez very cross include being put down for naps (her new nickname is Wild Cat for these moments), being put into the pushchair (cue back-arching and hysterical screams, even though when we’re at home in the house all she wants to do is sit in the pushchair), and she is none too impressed if Fonz tries to steal her toy, or invade when we’re having a cuddle or reading a book.

Fonz’s temper tantrums have calmed somewhat, but he’s still unpredictable, liable to blow at any point, usually without any discernible reason. Mealtimes are a flash point, as he’s desperate to communicate and gets furious when I misunderstand his requests.

He is full of fun, and loves to initiate games. He’ll often steal a toy from Ez (or another child), just because he wants them to chase him. He looks over his should with a cheeky grin, and is in fits of giggles as he runs away. He doesn’t really understand why other children aren’t so keen on this game!

He’s becoming a regular little parrot. He is constantly chatting, and is using the words he has as effective communication now. He can say his own name, Ez’s name, ‘mummy’, ‘daddy’, ‘bye bye’ and other well-used favourites include ‘car’, ‘uss uss’ (his comforter), ‘book’, ‘toast’ and ‘uh oh’ (when he drops something’. He’ll repeat words back to you – sometimes they are recognisable, other times they’re toddler-speak, but he says them with a confident grin to show he’s sure he’s saying them correctly.

He’s still a bookworm, and some of my most precious times are when he quietly cuddles up to read a book. Green Eggs And Ham is still a firm favourite, we’ve had The Gruffalo forever, but he’s only recently started to love it. Any books with animals are immediate hits, as he’s a huge animal fan. He chases our cats around (sorry cats), he’ll follow dogs in the park, and his face absolutely comes alive when we visit other animals like chickens, cows and sheep, and he excitedly makes all the animal noises.

He’s growing more and more aware of the world around him. Out and about, he’s constantly pointing out things that interest him – the cars, a bus, an aeroplane, trees, any cats or dogs we see. Anything that moves is watching with smiling wonder.

Twin stuff
They are cooperating with each other more and more. If one is upset, the other will go and fetch them their comforter, or a favourite toy, and often watch anxiously for their sibling to calm down. The first thing they want to do when they wake in the morning or from their nap is to greet the other, and they bounce up and down in excitement in their cots. They chat to each other, repeating sounds back.

Playing together and taking turns is improving. I can ask them to pass the toy they’re playing with to the other twin, and (as long as it’s not an absolute favourite), they will often do as asked. They can pass things back and forth for a while before some breach in the delicate truce occurs, and war breaks out again.

They can make each other truly furious. Ez’s tantrums in particular are generally triggered by something Fonz has done. He often wants to play together, but she is fiercely independent and will immediately go on the attack if he invades her space when uninvited.

They are generous with their kisses, and will give each other a kiss and cuddle, though normally only if I ask them to – they don’t yet do this themselves. They have started holding holds, but only if we’re playing ‘Ring a ring a roses’.

5 comments to Ez and Fonz at 18 months

  • Oh I love reading these posts. It must be so interesting to see the differences between the two of them and hear how they interact with each other. One of these days I will get to see them play with Piran!

  • I am still so far away from getting mine to hold hands (maybe they are both boys?) it really is fascinating how different twin siblings develop, although thats a bit thick coming from me a twin! LOL

  • I echo what Kelly says! It’s great to hear about their personalities emerging….even if dealing with two very different little people can be a challenge at times it sounds pretty amazing too. Your family portrait from your last post is really lovely by the way.

  • Oh wonderful! I have just read this to David and we are both smiling. I think William will want to play with Esther and she will want to play alone quite often. William is already prone to temper and Esther chats a lot in baby babble. This is like a look in to the future for us and it looks bright, bright, bright! Thank you x

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