It was all about the dress

On the 29 July, 1981, I was nearly sixteen months old. We had a street party to celebrate the marriage of Charles and Diana. Here’s a picture of me enjoying myself…

When my mum gave me some of my old clothes, I was delighted to find that the dress I’m wearing above was among them. As soon . . . → Read More: It was all about the dress

When the trust is gone

Ten things you don’t want to happen on a Tuesday morning (or ever, for that matter)…

1) You drop your children at nursery, and head into the office. An hour and a half later you receive an email from a friend (who doesn’t have your mobile number) to say that their nanny rescued two young children (who . . . → Read More: When the trust is gone

Silent Sunday

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Taming two toddlers

They may look like butter wouldn't melt, but they are quickly fine-tuning their tantrum skills

Young Daddy and I had that conversation last night. No, not that conversation (we’ll be remaining a family of four for the foreseeable future). The conversation about discipline and boundaries, and how to police those boundaries.

Ez and Fonz are firmly in . . . → Read More: Taming two toddlers

Silent Sunday

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