I know I’m a mum when…

…Drinking an eighth of the alcohol I used to drink on a night out leaves me with a killer three day hangover.

…I consider 7.30am to be a lie-in.

…I concentrate on Waybuloo and In The Night Garden to learn all the characters’ names and I practise the songs even when the kids aren’t around.

…The bottom of every bag I own is lined with broken crackers and biscuits.

…I am more excited about buying mini converse than I am about my own new converse high tops.

…I have to stop myself talking about the twins all day at work or when out with friends. I can’t help it – they’re at a brilliant age!

…Checking outside the catflap for posted items (including half-eaten bananas, dirty/clean washing from the washing machine, toys, my shoes) is a regular part of my daily routine.

…I get excited when I see a dog, regardless of whether I have Ez and Fonz with me at the time.

…I have to stop myself shouting ‘CHOO CHOO!’ when the train pulls into the station in the morning on my way to work.

…I have forgotten every friend’s birthday for the last 18 months, and can frequently be found writing grovelling emails or texts to send belated wishes.

…I spend my free moments wondering where all the odd socks go.

8 comments to I know I’m a mum when…

  • Brilliant! The odd socks turn up in the end, too late, by which time you’ve lost the other one, I still point at tractors and trains and have been for nearl 15 years,lie ins do eventually return but you no longer want them because you have found out there are lots of lovely hours in the day to be filled! (I did this as a meme last year, I may relaunch it, it’s lovely!)


  • Ha ha!
    All my handbags are lined with raisins.
    I never seem to find myself humming any songs these days that aren’t from children’s telly.
    I really want to get some cute mini converse for my daughter. They are so cool.
    And I used to be so organised about birthdays and things but now am completely crap. Thank goodness for the culture that lets a message on facebook be as good as a card in the post!

  • Ah yes. I find myself singing songs from cbeebies all day. Once upon a time it was chart hits.

    I have lost count of the number of cards I bought recently and didn’t actually post. In fact, one of those was for your birthday.

    I will spend hours looking for toys and clothes for Piran online, but no time at all on myself.

    You are so right, it is a great age that they are at isn’t it. Piran cracks me up all the time now and we really connect which is amazing. I had no idea that it would be like this.

  • Aye Aye all true and and don’t forget the first one in the park with excitable toddlers – 8.30am with my lot!

  • And my spin instructor asked if I knew this song playing and I looked at him stupidly. Does Elmo do a cover? Hear you loud and clear.

  • Yes, to every one (except the catflap, because we don’t have one!). S x

  • Gosh I could have written this post about me all so so true! I put my hand in my jacket pocket yesterday and found a opened organix flapjack. Rock hard. Life truly is rock and roll for us Mamas huh?

  • I would love to listen to yout tell tales of twins!

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