We’ll be working festival chic this summer

It was one of those emails that had me squeaking in glee. Did I know there was going to be a fantastic festival called Lollibop, ‘The Big Bash for Little People’, which is going to be held in Regent’s Park from 5-7 August this summer, especially for children under 10? And would I like to take my family? For free. Oh, and while we’re at it, how’s about becoming one of 10 official Lollibop Families at the same time?

Now I’m rubbish at replying to my emails (it’s the journalist in me, I can’t help it), but I’d typed back an excited response within minutes. “We’re in!”

See, I’ve always wanted to go to a festival. And now I’ve got kids, the fact that I didn’t go is one of my biggest regrets. Yes, I know I could take the twins to Glastonbury, or Bestival, or some other family-friendly event, but let’s face it, it’s never going to be the same experience, is it? But a fun day out, that that the kids will love, is right up my street (with wellies on).

Just thinking about Lollibop gets me grinning with excitement, and I’m already counting down to the big day and am busy planning the whole family’s festival wardrobe. Because that’s the most important thing, obviously. The question is, can I find straw Trilbys small enough for Ez and Fonz?

The lovely people at Lollibop are also going to be giving me a standard family ticket (four people) to give away as a prize, so you could be there with us! If you haven’t already subscribed to Young & Younger, why not do it now so you can be sure not to miss out?

And to keep up to date with all the latest news from Lollibop, keep track on facebook, or follow them on twitter.

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