It was all about the dress

On the 29 July, 1981, I was nearly sixteen months old. We had a street party to celebrate the marriage of Charles and Diana. Here’s a picture of me enjoying myself…

When my mum gave me some of my old clothes, I was delighted to find that the dress I’m wearing above was among them. As soon as William and Kate announced their engagement I harboured a dream that Ez would wear this dress on the day of their wedding. I wanted to recreate the picture of me, thirty years later, with my daughter as the star.

And today I got to do just that when we dressed up for a trip to Hyde Park to enjoy William and Kate’s big day.

And I promise you, she was so excited and happy the whole day – she just doesn’t look it in this photo. I think she was wondering why her crazy mother was forcing her to sit on the doorstep!

But I’m so glad I did, and that we pulled it off. One day I hope that Ez or Fonz’s own daughter can also wear the dress. It holds some very special memories for me now.

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