MiFi – my lifesaver

Yes, yes, I know you want to know all about the move. But before that, how about I talk about how I’m even able to post today, given we have at least three more days before BT can manage to get someone out to the telephone exchange to hook us up, so we can finally get . . . → Read More: MiFi – my lifesaver

Out of service

You know that saying, ‘can’t think straight’? I have a classic case of this at the moment. We exchanged on the new house last Wednesday and we move this Friday. And we’re not moving round the corner, we’re moving away. Somewhere completely new. Somewhere I know no-one. I’m saying goodbye to my London life, and hello . . . → Read More: Out of service


April has been memorable for it’s fantastic weather and lashings of bank holidays. We’ve had a fantastic month spending time with family, visiting friends, and seeing how much Ez and Fonz enjoy being outside. It’s really given us a taste of the coming summer, and gave me the confidence to take the summer off work (for . . . → Read More: April