April has been memorable for it’s fantastic weather and lashings of bank holidays. We’ve had a fantastic month spending time with family, visiting friends, and seeing how much Ez and Fonz enjoy being outside. It’s really given us a taste of the coming summer, and gave me the confidence to take the summer off work (for the most part), and be a full-time mum again. Oh, the joys of being freelance!

The last week of April was a low point, when we had every parent’s worst nightmare –a complete loss of trust and faith in the childcare you’ve relied on. It was a really tough week, with a lot of tears, stress, and not a lot of sleep. Rather than let the Royal Wedding pass us by, we decided to go for it, and brave the crowds up in London. We headed up to Hyde Park with the twins and some friends and soaked up the incredible atmosphere. It was an awesome day, and really snapped me out of the low mood I’d been in all week. So for me, it’s my April highlight.

This post was written for The Gallery this week. The prompt was: April

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