Out of service

You know that saying, ‘can’t think straight’? I have a classic case of this at the moment. We exchanged on the new house last Wednesday and we move this Friday. And we’re not moving round the corner, we’re moving away. Somewhere completely new. Somewhere I know no-one. I’m saying goodbye to my London life, and hello Home Counties.

I have so much to do, my brain has shut down. I can’t get any sense out of it. It’s Out Of Service.

So far not a single box has been packed. Luckily, as we’re being relocated by Young Daddy’s company, they are paying for the removals service to do our packing for us. But surely there’s something I should have done before they arrive? Even the mortifying thought of people looking through my chaotic cupboards isn’t enough to get me sorting.

Then there’s the admin. All the stuff I’d forgotten you have to do when you move – sort your gas, electricity, water, council tax, phone, TV, post redirection. I need to defrost the freezer, pack stuff the stuff Ez and Fonz will need at their grandparents, find somewhere to leave the cats for a few nights. Buy an extra cat carrier. The list is seemingly completely endless, especially when I’m squeezing in a couple of days of work, too.

And as if all of that wasn’t stressful enough, Young Daddy informs me that it may take TWO WEEKS after we move before we have working internet and phone connections. With my mobile reception decidedly iffy in the new house, I am potentially going completely off grid. As someone who uses the internet almost continuously, every single day, this thought is terrifying. It’s made me realise how utterly I rely on it – we shop online, check the weather online, find the nearest parks online, pay our bills online. Not to mention Twitter and blogging.

I know I’m not the most regular of bloggers at the moment but consider this a warning. You may not see me around these parts for quite some time. I haven’t fallen off the edge of the world, I’m just Offline.

See you on the other side.

11 comments to Out of service

  • Best of luck with the move (and don’t worry the packers really do pack everything and are brilliant) and getting back on line

    Take care xx

  • Good luck with move!!! Keep calm and make sure you keep a couple of wine glasses back so you can have a big glass of wine when you arrive at your new home :-)

  • good luck with it all. i’m sure it will be super hectic for a while but hopefully the new place will feel like home in no time. you might find less time on-line refreshing. i certainly have. i know it’s a life line though with kids and stuff so perhaps not. hmm. hopefully you can check your iPhone whenever you’re out and about (with the twins (and therefore have reception) and that’ll give you a quick twitter/instagram/blog fix. do let me know what mag your current home is going to be featured in though as i want to buy a copy but am not on twitter so won’t see the news there. excited to see pics of your new home too.


  • If you need any hints and tips on the area, I lived just round the corner, so just shout

  • Good luck with the move! Sounds hectic, but I’m sure it will all be wonderful and exciting.

  • Congratulations on exchanging!!! I’ve lived in the home counties for three months now, and I am enjoying it more and more.

    Do you have an iPhone? On our recent move I was able to piggyback my computer on to my iPhone’s data connection. it wasn’t ideal but it did me for the 2 weeks it took to re-connect us.

    Hope all goes well! x

  • Oh good luck!!! Oh, and for management of expectations – may take longer than that… B works for our phone and service provider and even then it took them three weeks!! (Something to do with it being anti-competitive to bump him up the list!). I did, though find that frequenting the local internet cafe got me my fix of both the world outside and cake, and was a great way to meet people….

    ps as muddling mummy says, packers are actually angels in disguise.

  • I had a scary thought this morning that you are offline for two weeks, get lots done and realise that you are better off without the internet.

    I think sleep deprivation is getting to me!

  • Hope the move all went ok!! Why not trial a three mifi? That’s what’s been getting me through these last couple of weeks without internet! :)

  • Hope your move went well, we have just started house hunting after selling ours, let the games begin!

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