MiFi – my lifesaver

Yes, yes, I know you want to know all about the move. But before that, how about I talk about how I’m even able to post today, given we have at least three more days before BT can manage to get someone out to the telephone exchange to hook us up, so we can finally get back online?

It’s all down to MiFi. MiFi is¬†wireless internet on the go – it’s a mobile Wi-Fi dongle. I have a little mobile-phone-shaped device, and as long as it can connect to the Three network, I can access the internet using my laptop or my iPhone. Before we moved, I was offered the chance to try out MiFi, and was mainly using it when commuting into London, and as I had no phone reception at my desk, I used it in the office.

The MiFi was due to be returned before our move, but there was a bit of an admin delay, and so, luckily I’ve been able to take it with us to Berkshire. Which is how I’m blogging, right now. For the first week we were here, I couldn’t seem to get it to work, but today I appear to have cracked it, and have found the perfect spot for the gadget where it enjoys decent reception, and I can connect to the internet as if I were on my normal wifi.

You can sign up for MiFi on a pay monthly or pay as you go basis with Three, and if you’re often out and about without access to wifi, I would heartily recommend it. I’ve had a few issues with reception, but on the whole it’s been a lifesaver.

In this world of constant communication, being cut off from the internet has been the toughest part of moving house. Moving to a new area where you know no-one is hard, but being cut off from your online support network is even harder. It’s obvious that I suffer from a serious case of Internet Addiction, and being without it has been an enormous struggle. I’ve felt lonely, depressed and isolated. Anything that can help me feel more connected gets a massive thumbs up from me.

Check out Three’s ‘On The Go’ facebook page for more information, tips and advice for busy mums.

Disclosure: For this review, Three provided me with free use of MiFi for a trial period.

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