Cybermummy for me

brand n. 1 a a particular make of goods. b an identifying trademark, label, etc. 2 (usu. foll. by of) a special or characteristic kind (brand of humour). 3 an identifying mark burned on livestock or (formerly) prisoners etc. with a hot iron. 4 an iron used for this. 5 a piece . . . → Read More: Cybermummy for me

Silent Sunday

. . . → Read More: Silent Sunday

Cybermummy meet and greet

Saturday will see my second visit to Cybermummy. I had an amazing time at last year’s event, so I hope this year lives up to my expectations! And a huge thank you to Huggies for sponsoring me for a second year running. Carly at MummysShoes is repeating last year’s meet and greet, so I’d better introduce . . . → Read More: Cybermummy meet and greet


As their battle cries recede, and silence descends, I realise I’ve survived another day. But there are war wounds – every muscle in my body has its own unique ache, some dull, some throbbing, some piercing. My neck and back feel have gone into spasm, and I’ve gained a few new bruises, most notably a toddler . . . → Read More: Weary

Fish out of water

It’s a funny thing, this moving house lark. One minute I’m a sociable person, struggling to find the time to see all my different friends, and the next I’m a loner, whose only local friend is my husband, and who might not have an adult conversation with anyone else for days at a time. Takes a . . . → Read More: Fish out of water