Cybermummy meet and greet

Saturday will see my second visit to Cybermummy. I had an amazing time at last year’s event, so I hope this year lives up to my expectations! And a huge thank you to Huggies for sponsoring me for a second year running. Carly at MummysShoes is repeating last year’s meet and greet, so I’d better introduce myself. Please do come and say hi if you spot me…

Name: Heather

Blog: Young & Younger

Twitter ID: @YoungMummyUk

Height: Not sure – around 5 foot 8ish

Hair: Long, dark brown, with a too-short fringe (rather over-enthusiastic fringe trim yesterday)

Eyes: Hazel, probably framed by glasses (contacts are an option)

Likes: Smiling makes me happy, I love to chat, gin and tonic is my tipple of choice, jelly sweets are my treat of choice, hearing my twins chuckle is my drug of choice.

Dislikes: Realising I’ve spent too much money, bananas, drizzle when I’ve spent ages persuading my fringe to lie flat, the fears that keep me awake at night.

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