Twins at 22 months

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We’re getting to the good bit now. Sure, they still fight like cat and dog, but Ez and Fonz are also beginning to really recognise the fun in playing together. They like to hold each other’s hand, and they’re getting better at learning to take turns. If they upset their sibling, they will go over and say sorry by stroking their arm. They love to sing nursery rhymes together – we sing ‘ring a ring o roses’ and ‘sleeping bunnies’ countless times a day.

They clearly say each other’s names – Ez uses Fonz’s name when she’s bossing him around, and Fonz likes to make sure he knows where Ez is by calling her to check. I don’t think either of them is dominant. Ez is learning the art of being the bossy big sister and fires instructions at Fonz all day, or brings him his shoes if she’s ready to go out but Fonz is the one that chooses their next activity, and Ez is often happy to follow. If one learns a new word it’s not long before the other will pick it up too, and they’ll often repeat things back to each other. If there’s something they want, they’ll join forces to repeat the word together until I give in to their demand!

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Ez is full of happiness, smiles and laughter. She loves singing and stories, and is trying to master the actions to our favourite nursery rhymes.  She’s developing strong opinions about what she wants to wear, and it’s often hard to persuade her that odd wellies and a sun hat aren’t the best attire when we’re off to a new play group to try to make friends. The garden is her absolutely favourite place to be. Playing with water will keep her occupied until the cows come home, and playing with sand or mud comes a very close second. She also likes to put her toys to bed, or to push them around in the toy buggy. If I ask her, she’ll happily potter off to make me a cup of tea in the play kitchen. She loves mealtimes, and will easily eat any of her peers under the table. Good girl.

Ez is developing a lot of fears. The continually growing list of things she’s scared of includes ducks, chickens, dogs, cows, sheep (seeing a pattern here?), ants (yes, really), the vacuum (even switched off), the teletubbies, balloons (sometimes) and cars. Yet she’ll happily climb to the highest slide in the playground (the one meant for the bigger kids) and hurl herself down it head first. Go figure.

Fonz is a big ball of fun. He turns everything into a game, and delights in persuading you to play with him. He’s got an infectious giggle and a grin that takes over his entire face. His favourite activity is going round and round and round in circles until he gets so dizzy he falls over. He loves all animals and is fearless in approaching them. He loves to use the phone – “allo daddy”, “bye bye daddy”. He forms strong attachments to people – his grandparents, his twin friends Hannah and Sophia, next-door’s dog Oscar, and will mention all of them at some point during the day.

Fonz is a CBeebies fan, and one is his favourite requests is “beebies!” He gets very cross if I dare to change the channel, and when he’s ready for it to go off, he’ll just say, “bye bye beebies”. He’s beginning to remember the names of characters in his favourite shows (Pippin the dog in Come Outside is most favoured), and welcomes them with great excitement. He is revelling in his new found vocabulary and does nothing but chat. Everywhere we go he points out what he sees, and often spots things far sooner than me.

Fonz doesn’t like sharing his mummy, and gets very territorial if he’s tired. He’s particular about his food, and loses it if things aren’t done in the way he likes (peel the lid off the yoghurt pot before you give it to him at your peril). Being shouted at scares him, and will result in racking sobs. He responds far better to a firm tone.

4 comments to Twins at 22 months

  • What is the appeal of Come Outside? All mine love it and I think the twins first recognised and could call out Pippins name too! I have to say at 26 months mine have really ramped up their conversation skills/demands and I almost wish for the more silent babble stage….but I am glad how sociable being two is.

  • Piran and I are really looking forward to hanging out with you all next week. I love seeing the three of them together. Kate will just look bemused I am sure!

  • How lovely to read of them coming on so well, it’s such fun to watch them develop isn’t it? We are huge fans of ‘Beebies’ too
    Thank you for linking up in the carnival, I shall be writing about my girls progress this week as they are 3 on Sunday – where did all that time go?
    Hope you’re all well

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