WIN LolliBop tickets!

Updated 1 Aug 2011: This competition is now closed, and was won by Adam.
I hope you have a fantastic time there with your kids!

We’ve been excited about our invitation to become a LolliBop family for months now, and I can’t believe the festival is less than three weeks away now. We can’t wait to dance, sing, relax, eat, get crafty and party with all the amazing characters including our favourites, Charlie & Lola, Peppa Pig and Baby Loves Disco. And I personally can’t wait to imagine I’m in Ibiza at the Minimission beach party! Here’s the full LolliBop lineup…

Fancy coming along to soak up the festival vibe too? LolliBop have given me a family ticket for four to give away on my blog. You can pick any of the three days to attend (the festival runs on 5th, 6th and 7th August in Regent’s Park), and all you have to do is leave a comment below to enter. The winner will be selected at random, and I’ll get in touch with you to find out which day you’d like your ticket for.

This competition closes on 1 August 2011 at midday. The winner will be announced that evening.

70 comments to WIN LolliBop tickets!

  • Hi I would love to win this!

    I heard about it a few months ago and it looks like great fun!

  • We would love to let the twins loose at Lollibop this year, sounds fab!

    Fran x

  • Mamabearuk

    I would love too win this. L s first festival! Thanks

  • I have a little boy who would absolutely adore this! Thank you x

  • Whoo hoo ! How exciting a chance is this ?! I have taken my teenagers to the Isle of Wight,Reading and Sonisphere Festivals in the past 2 years and would adore a change and the chance to take Kit (3) and Oz (2) to Lollibop !

  • Nel

    What a fab prize, yes please!

  • Rastamouse is headlining?! We’re in! F would go wild over this…

  • Anu

    I would love to win this, it’s Austins 2nd birthday on the 7th so it’d be an amazing day out!!

  • Did you get the straw Trilby for Fonz? It would be so perfect for Lollibop. They have them in H&M and my twins won’t take them off as they think they look like Mr Bloom!

  • Deer Baby

    My little one would adore his – especially Charlie & Lola and Rastamouse!

  • Lorraine Berry

    Boys would absolutely LOVE to go! Would be amazing to win – I have my fingers crossed! X

  • Melissa

    What can I say, 6 long weeks , 2 children. You can only got to the park to the park so many times!!

  • me me me me me me me me me me me


  • Jen

    Ooh! Sounds like fun! Pick me! Pick me! (Please!)

  • Ooooo that sounds amazing!
    I hope I win :)

  • Please count me in as I would love to go and take my family!

  • Kylee Bell


    My 4 year old would love to bust some of her moves to RastaMouse and the Crew..And my 9 year old is a huge fan of Horrible Histories!

    Everything crossed! :)

  • I would love to win this, but either way, we’re going anyhow – so hopefully see you there?!?

  • Agnieszka


  • We’d all love to come. The grown ups are desperate to see Rastamouse in the flesh….and I think the girls would love it too ;0). It would be the girls first festival!

  • Oh my goodness it’d make my 19 months old day to be able to dance around with the Zingzillas and the rest of the gang! Thank you for giving us the opportunity of maybe being able to go for the day!

  • Hi,

    please enter us for this competition.

    Good meeting you at Cyber Mummy

  • Helen

    My three children will be making a beeline for Peppa Pig, Horrible Histories & Wizard School, it all sounds so great!

  • Amy

    Oooh, my 2 would love to go to this (and so would I!) x

  • Cookie

    This looks amazing for kids, please do enter us! We would like to go on saturday if selected!

  • krishan


    I am not sure if dad’s can apply but I my boys would really enjoy this ( and so would their mum)
    Kind regards,

  • Sabrina Fancy

    Well, I am wondering if this is more for me or for the kids. Either way it looks fab so please enter us for the draw. Hope you are enjoying your hols.

  • Lina

    This looks like it has a great vibe.
    Hope we are lucky enough to be selected :)

  • Danny T

    My kids love charlie and lola and peppa pig..Oh, I hope we win…..

  • Leo

    The tickets look like great bribery material for my boys, yes please!

  • SK

    This would be a great break in routine, a treat for the summer hols..looks like a great day out.

  • Veronica S.

    Oh wow-this sounds great and it is my birthday that weekend, what better way to spend it?

  • Theoandhaydensmummy

    Please enter me for this amazing prize.

  • Lindsey W

    I am desperate to take my babies to this – they would LOVE it (and so would we I think!) x

  • Lorraine Gaw

    My 2 little girls LOVE Rastamouse – it would be fantastic to be able to take them and meet the real dude in person! xx

  • This festival sounds fabulous would love to be in with a chance of going! Good luck everyone :)

  • Danielle k

    What a lovely day out. We love raftamouse!

  • Runningkk

    Please include me as this would make my family and I so happy!

  • Lesley Woodall

    SO love the idea of this kids festival. Would really really love to go, but will 3 kids under 4 as well as myself needing tickets I just can’t afford it. Would be over the moon to win tickets, my kids would love it!

  • I’d love to enter please! All my fingers are crossed, thank you.

  • My tiny tot loved the festival last year when it was in Clissold park but we can’t afford to take her this time around. These tickets would make her summer!

  • claire boarman

    Please give the family ticket to US!
    We bop all day and sometimes all night, we do the hokey cokey a lot too.
    We are the ultimate boppers and lolly eaters and we will LOVE the Lollibop. Big time!!!
    There are 6 of us so everything is MIGHTY expensive.
    See you there!
    Hopefully :)

  • Dani

    Charlie and Lola!! My daughter would give up her dummy to see them ;-)

  • funny the places life takes you…

  • Carol McDermot

    Wow what can I say my Aaylia (aged 3) knows all the words ” Give it up for the easy crew” ” Wha gwan Mr President” well let me say if we win the four of us the ” Easy Crew” will be there in attendance. We will even get on stage and show everyone the dance !!! We love a bit of bashment.

    Big Up

  • Mummy Negin

    We ALL love Rastamouse in my family and want to see him at Lollibop!

  • Liz Tumbridge

    I would LOVE to take my little girl to the Lollibop Festival. It would be a lovely birthday present for us both :) x

  • mel

    Oh how my festival days have changed when I would prefer the Zingzillas to the Killers,
    The bottles are no longer filled with beer and the rucksack on my back contains a baby rather than a tent! But would LOVE to take my littleys to their first ever festival xx

  • Olga

    My son and daugther would love to go.

  • richard f

    my daughter cant wait to meet drum !

  • Helen Steward

    Sounds like a great event – we are desperate to go and hope we can win some tickets so that we can take our two. They would be absolutely thrilled and so would we.

  • Sandra Reynolds

    Would love to win these!

  • KK

    Ohhhhhh I would be mum of the year if I took the kids!!

  • Sabi

    Oh please choose us, there are only so many times I can take the kids to the park and they would just adore it!

  • LucyLoo

    Ooooo we would LOVE LOVE LOVE these tickets! What a brilliant giveaway!


    Move over Glasto and V,
    Surely this festival is the place to be!
    With Rastamouse and Da Easy Crew,
    Jammin’ away we’ll bop with a brew.
    We’ll strike a yogo pose with Waybuloo,
    Whilst the party-pooper’s visit the zoo.
    Then, there’s the awesomeness that is Peppa Pig,
    Wow, you sure know how to throw a great gig!
    Think we’ll pass on Tottenham Hotspur though,
    If we really must, tomatoes we will throw!
    To whoever wins this most fabulous prize,
    Go easy on the Supersize fries.
    Instead, stock up on the RedBull,
    For there’s lots and lots to cram full!
    Tis’ my birthday on August Eight,
    This would make such a brilliant date,
    For me and my beautiful son who is almost two,
    This could be his first gig, please god, don’t let him spew
    This rhyme is pretty lame, I must sigh,
    But at least I can say I did but try!

  • Jo Carpenter

    Would love to win it would be like my kids christmas’s at once

    Thanks xx

  • Karen

    Would LOVE to take my children to this, would make their year :-)
    Good luck everyone xx

  • Rafi

    Earlier in my life I used to be a regular at Glastobury and Reading. Now I wish to acquaint my offspring with an easy initiation into festival life. You know what they say “catch ‘em when they’re young”. I hope that if we win this can be applied to getting bitten by the festival bug!

  • Freya

    What an amazing day out for all the family! I’d love to win this for my little man :)

  • laura seaton

    A week to go
    Not long now
    Lets have some fun
    Kids show me how
    So much to do
    So much to see
    with facepainting
    what am I going to be
    with 2 young children
    to entertain
    we would travel
    to london on the train
    All the excitement
    and all the fun
    lets hope its nice
    with lots of sun
    Lets dance and sing
    and play along
    with so much to try
    the day will be long
    So make us excited
    and make us happy
    Lets hope this week
    goes by snappy
    Please choose us
    we want to attend
    we will laugh and smile
    and play pretend
    I hope you enjoyed
    reading along with this
    and if we win I know
    My daughters will send you a kiss x

    We would love to attend on the Saturday as my girls love cerrie from cbeebies along with everyone else who will be there

  • Alexis

    Please put me in for this competition I would love to take my little ones elizabeth (3) and Alison (1) to this. Its is Alisons 2nd birthday soon and this would be a great treat for her (and me hehe)

  • adam

    As a single dad I dont get to take my girls to places like this as I cant afford them, please make their summer so I can take them.


  • nicola weekly

    Oh how we would love to win this, but if we dont i hope it goes to some lovely little people :)

  • Beth

    Please choose me I want to take my mum and little sisterr and my godfather

  • Jackie Wells

    I like everyone else here would like to win. I know my chances are small with all the lovely entries above but I’ll write my comment here anyway wave hello to you.
    Good luck everyone as I write this we have a 1 in 65 chance of winning so the odds are quite good. Better than the lottery!!!

    Good Luck

  • Alison

    Good Luck everyone (but hope I win)

  • pippa whybourne

    Oh my gosh…. This is exactly what my little ones need in their life right now, this looks amazing.. x

  • Vicki Goodwin

    My tow horror would love to see the Horrible Histories!

  • kate odonnell

    Horrible histories are playing at this event – my daughter was SO upset that we were unable to get tickets to the recentt Prom – that winning this would make up for it. Would absolutely love the chance to go with my kids!!