Toddler holiday moments

So we’re back from our ten days in a static caravan in northern Brittany. It was a bit of a wash out (rained eight out of ten days), but being away together was still great. Whereas my pre-children holiday highlights would have included gorgeous evening meals out, trips to amazing beaches, or hours spent exploring the shops of a quaint town or market, holidays with toddlers are another thing altogether! A lot of fun, but full-on and exhausting. Here are my highlights from this year’s trip…

  • Ez and Fonz coming back from a walk with daddy and bringing me flowers they’d picked along the way
  • Watching the twins careering down the hill on their Scuttlebugs (these really came into their own on holiday)
  • Ez suddenly demanding ‘hold my hand’ – first time she’s said it
  • Fonz’s reckless abandon in the swimming pool. He just keeps wading deeper and deeper until his head goes under and thinks it’s hilarious
  • Ez’s drawings. She filled four scrapbooks and has started to draw specific objects – house, dog, fish, boat etc.
  • Ez and Fonz sitting outside the campsite shop, eating their morning croissants out of the brown paper bags
  • Ez sitting on my lap, opening each mussel from my lunch of moules frites and feeding them to me
  • The twins helping themselves to raisins from the cupboard when we were too lazy to get out of bed to get their ‘brekfarce’
  • Ez’s discovery of the real meaning of the word ‘peese’ and using it in excess because she thinks it will make her more likely to get what she wants
  • The way Ez and Fonz give themselves and each other a round of applause after successfully peeling clementines
  • Fonz’s mastery of the French language – merci, bonjour, au revoir are now part of his vocab
  • Grasping the concept of warm and cold, wet and dry, big and small
  • Fonz standing at the bottom of the slide to ‘catch’ Ez when she came down
  • Discovering a love of chocolate ice cream – ‘shocklick ice reem’
  • Fonz eating my whole crepe when I didn’t think he liked pancakes
  • The look on Ez’s face whenever a wasp goes anywhere near her
  • Ez’s over-the-top reaction to a friendly French dog who passed nearby (deafening shriek followed by mega hysterics)
  • The way Fonz checks ‘Eddy’ [Ez] will get a portion of whatever he’s just been given
  • Fonz’s exuberant ‘mmmmmmmmm’ when he tastes something he likes
  • Fonz’s use of the word ‘wow’ when he sees something he thinks is cool

Morning croissants

Ez opening my moules

Shocklick ice reem in the rain

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