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My daughter is born

I was nervous before our first of many appointments with the consultant, scared of taking up his time with my endless worries and queries – so many I’d had to write them all down. All the unknowns of what a twin pregnancy would hold. But he never, ever made us feel rushed. He patiently answered every last question.

He arranged it so that he personally delivered my babies. I shared with him that incredible moment when I first met my two tiny, perfect, children. That was the last time I saw him, but my connection with him will be there always.

This post was written in support of Save The Children’s campaign to support health workers across the globe. 100 words about a great health professional I have encountered in my life.

Save The Children says: “When world leaders meet at the UN in New York tomorrow, we need them to commit to filling the massive shortfall in midwives, nurses and doctors in the poorest countries.

Please support our campaign by calling on David Cameron to play his full part in solving the health worker crisis which is costing millions of children’s lives. We’ll make sure he gets the message.”

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Read Save The Children’s new report on fixing the health worker crisis

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