Conversations with my daughter

I wrote this post on Thursday, but have only just grabbed time to upload it…

I have just spent the most amazing half hour having my first proper chat with my daughter. Fonz was happily enjoying his afternoon nap, but when Ez showed no sign of settling, I scooped her out and took her into my bed in the hope we might both catch some shut-eye together.

Sleep wasn’t forthcoming, and so instead Ez and I spent our time talking. Her speech has advanced at a rate of knots over the last week and the last two days she has been chatting non-stop, as she offers a continuous commentary throughout her day.

Of course we’ve ‘chatted’ before. But then, ‘chat’ meant me asking questions and her replying with single word responses. This was the first time she has lead the conversation herself, without being prompted.

We were chatting about the fact she wasn’t tired and didn’t want to sleep. She agreed that yes, Fonz and Gaga (Baby Gaga, her favourite doll) were both sleeping in their beds, but she still didn’t want to sleep herself. ‘No tired. No sleep mummy.’

Then she frowned, brushed her cheek lightly, and told me that the cat bumped her face. [This morning, one of my parents-in-law’s cats was startled by Ez and gave her a nasty scrach under her chin.] Ez told me that she had been scared and hurt and that she had cried. ‘Cat my scared. Face sore. My crying.’ I probed a bit more and she showed me where the cat ‘bumped’ her, and told me that the cat then ran away. She said that Fonz was there too.

Taking advantage of the moment I asked her what we’d done this morning, and off she went. She told me we’d gone on a bus [the local SureStart bus] where she’d done drawing, sand [played with the sandpit] and yellow slide [there was a small slide]. I asked her if we’d had anything to eat and she told me yes, snacks. ‘Nana, pear, juice. Then she accidentally knocked my face. I said ‘ow’ so she replied ‘kiss mummy?’ and gave me a kiss to make it better.

This half hour is up there with my very best moments from the last two years. I feel awestruck, and just blown away by being given this glimpse of what’s going on in my little girl’s head. Happy tears prick my eyes, and my chest feels fit to burst with pride and overwhelming love for this tiny person. She is becoming the most incredible character and every new thing she does simply blows me away.

With twins, I don’t get many opportunities for intimate one-on-one time with either of my children so this felt so very special. Ez was enjoying it. I was enjoying it. I felt this extraordinary bond with her, so powerful it took my breath away.

That’s why I wanted to write it all down straight away, to keep this precious memory safe. A moment of pure joy; paused so that it can be remembered always.

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