Making friends

I have always seen the amazing bond that twin siblings will enjoy as one of the rewards of having twins. And watching this relationship develop has been incredible so far.

Up until recently, I think that Ez and Fonz mainly viewed each other as a rival for my attention. They’d find it very odd if the other one wasn’t around, but they didn’t get huge amounts of enjoyment out of each other’s company. In fact, most of the time, I’d have to act as referee – biting, pulling hair, pushing and snatching toys were things that happened countless times a day.

But in the last month I’ve noticed a real change in the way that the twins interact. It could be to do with the huge leap in their speech and language – at age 25 months it was like turning on a tap. A flood of new words arrived, swiftly followed by short sentences, and suddenly Ez and Fonz found themselves able to communicate very effectively with us, and then it dawned on them that they could talk to each other, too. And so we’ve had Ez emerging as the bossy older sister, issuing commands to Fonz that he’ll sometimes follow, and sometimes ignore (much to her displeasure). Telling tales on each other has begun. “He pull my hair”, ‘”She bite”.

On the flip side they can be found in the bath, crying with laughter at each other, with me oblivious to the joke. Or I hear Ez, ‘reading’ Fonz the Gruffalo after they’ve gone to bed (she insists on sleeping with it in her cot). They sing together, and we’re often woken in the morning by what sounds like a herd of elephants, but is in fact Ez and Fonz singing ‘Sleeping Bunnies’ and bouncing energetically in their beds. If one wakes before the other at naptime, they can’t wait for their brother/sister to get up. “Go get it [him/her]” they ask me incessantly, and they have endless fun pretending to put each other to bed. They don’t like it if the other cries and will fetch a favourite toy and look to me to make it all better.

These amazing developments we’ve had since they’ve turned two have far outweighed any ‘terrible two’ type behaviour. In fact, my good friend Mummy Limited recently wrote about how two-year-0lds need better PR and I wholeheartedly agree. So far, for us, I’d rename the Terrible Twos the Terrific Twos in an instant.

And I’ve got a couple of two-year-olds who I’d know would agree. They love life, and I feel like the luckiest person to witness it.

Multiples Mayhem Carnival at two become four

This post was written for this month’s Multiples Mayhem carnival which will be held over at All About The Boys.

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  • Aw sweet – yes so far my two 2′s are behaving well. I found it much harder with the first born when she hit her 2′s but then again that’s when she became a big sister to 2 little brothers! The conversations/singing are amazing and I keep trying to tape it to capture the memory but failed so far on voice memo on my ipod.

  • I am so with you and Emily on this one, I love the ‘Terrific Twos’ and I will be using that. It does get my back up when people immediately say terrible twos and I tend to just say, no just being a child and learning about the world. Piran is fairly well behaved though. He has just started to refer to friends at nursery and pay attention to other children when he is at play dates which is nice to see. His language has taken that leap as well and it is simply amazing.

  • Gorgeous. One of the best parts of having two is their friendship and being given that special window to witness it grow, I can imagine it’s only heightened with having twins.

  • Everyone keeps telling me it just gets better and better. And so far, I have to agree. I think when they start talking it’s like getting to know them all over again – you get a real insight into who they are and their little personalities. Cute picture by the way.

  • It’s fantastic seeing them grow up and it’s wonderful that they are so close. And that picture is adorable.

  • Aaaaah that is so lovely. Mine are only 17 months – they have the odd lovely moment – but as you say most of the time it is just competing for attention. Can’t wait for the next stage now.

    By the way just over from the multiples mayhem carnival.

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