Oh Christmas tree

Is your Christmas tree up yet? This weekend I lost count of the number of photos of beautifully decorated Christmas trees that I saw posted on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. It’s only the first weekend of December and already I’ve got that anxious feeling that comes but once a year. Is my Christmas going to be special enough this year?

My theory is that one person posts a picture and the Christmas hype starts to build. More and more people see these pictures and think, ‘Hang on! where’s my tree?’ The next minute they’re rooting for the decorations up in the loft and a couple of hours later they’ve got their own obligatory twinkling tree shot to add to the web.

It’s social networking mania that’s nibbling away at my nerves. What’s it driven by? Jealousy? Competition? A fear of failing to create the perfect Christmas experience for your family? Or just general excitement?

And is it necessarily a bad thing? In my house when i was growing up, the tree never went up earlier than the weekend before Christmas. So maybe I’m just late rather than everyone else being early. Why not make the most of Christmas and celebrate it as long as possible?

Maybe I should just do the impossible, and stop worrying about what everyone else is doing….

Or maybe I’ll just put my tree up next weekend….

What I can promise is that I will definitely be posting copious amounts of pictures of it when I do.

15 comments to Oh Christmas tree

  • When I was growing up the tree always went up on 19th December, the day before my birthday and remain up until 12 night. However, we put ours up earlier as we take them down and get them back up in the loft before MadDad goes back to work, plus the boys hassle me to get it up at the beginning of December. It would have been this coming weekend if we were not going to Butlins

    • Heather

      I have to say that Fonz has this week asked me where our ‘Crispus tree’ is so I’m feeling the pressure! Ours will be going up on Sunday.

  • Kelly

    I’ve always done mine around the first weekend in December and it usually comes down at the latest possible moment! But I love Christmas and decorations so that’s the way I want it.

    I put ours up today (feeling bad that you might unfollow me on various social networking platforms) because we were housebound and I was bored. I’m off to take a picture for Instagram now ;)

    • Heather

      I think Christmasses are just going to be so different now we’ve got kids of an age to understand the excitement etc. I bet ours will be up in November next year!

  • We put ours up this evening which for me is very, very early. I prefer to do it mid December. However, pressure from my hubby AND my little girl this year made me give in. Also on Sunday night the amount of people on facebook who posted photos of their tree was incredible. I did actually feel a bit bad for not putting mine up!! Oh the pressure of social networking indeed!!

  • We put ours up on the last Sunday of advent – I like to keep advent and christmas a bit separate (although do make it earlier when advent ends right before Christmas day – so about a week before is normal for us)

    Obviously having a tree at all will be dependent on getting the blasted house finished…

  • I think you’re right. It certainly piles on the pressure, that and the fact more and more houses seem to have lights outside too.

  • Last year we went out to buy a real tree for the first time ever on about the 20th December and couldn’t find one anywhere so this time we’re going to try a bit earlier but I’d be bored of the tree if it were up already.

  • I go on christmas overloa and I like trees inside!

    hence why it is up and staying up

    and I have lights and a rather horrific snowman perched on my roof – as a disclaimer that belongs to husband not me.

  • Always mid Dec for us, usually the weekend of my burfday so that we start getting all festive and counting down the days! Today we have placed the turkey order at the butchers, got the tree, bought the wrapping paper and tested all of the fairy lights – bright it on :)

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