Have a little patience

Every year for as long as I can remember, come New Year’s Day, I have resolved to be more patient.

But this year it isn’t on my list. Because for the first time ever, I think I have got my impatience under control and within acceptable levels. In fact, a number of people over the course of this year have actively remarked how calm and patient I am. And for me, this is no small achievement.

I’ve gone through life being impatient. Tapping my toe, waiting for the next big thing. Huffing with frustration if I had even a short wait in a queue or for a bus. Unable to ever sit still, because I want it done, and I want it done now.

I really do believe that becoming a mother, and in particular, becoming a mother of twins, is to thank for forcing me to become more patient. It’s taken the arrival of two entirely uncontrollable and unpredictable creatures into my life to push me to make a change, and to find a way to deal with my impatience.

Fonz ┬áhas always been very sensitive to the moods of those around him. From a very early age, he was like a little barometer – detecting any trace of stress, anxiety and anger in his vicinity. It didn’t help us in those early days when he and I so struggled with breastfeeding. No matter how calm and relaxed I tried to appear on the surface, I never once fooled him.

And so I learned control and patience. I learned to keep my tone calm. I learned to take a deep breath, and if possible, smile.

I am not for one second suggesting I am some zen master who never raises her voice or snaps at her children, but compared to the person I was before I had kids I have come a very, very long way. And so I’m writing this to give myself a little pat on the back. And to remind myself to try really hard to keep it up.

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  • Good for you – easy to forget just how far we all come – deep breathing and calm tones are the best tools for all busy working mums. x

  • Well done. Children really do push us in such a way as to change how we react

  • Well done and good for you. It’s important to pat ourselves on the back for the things we can do not just beat ourselves up about the things we can’t. x

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  • Well done you!

    I am resolved to try and be more patient and calmer with the girls (and possibly work colleagues – or maynot that far!)

  • Isn’t it funny, how we change having these small people around. I think it has made me more patient in a way too, because I can deal with tricky toddler negotiations. But I used to freak out if I was going to be a tiny bit late and usually arrived ridiculously early. Now I am much more relaxed about the whole thing, and I am never stupid enough to arrive really early as I know what it is like to try and keep small people entertained if I do!

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