Sticks and stones…

As much as I’m loving the rapid development in the twins’ speech and language, it has a major downside. If they can find something to disagree about, they will.

My day usually starts with having to rush into their room after one has upset the other, and when they go to bed, they often argue until they fall asleep. I never imagined how much they could upset each other at such a young age by using only their words. They can be strapped into their car seats and still they can wind each other up to the point of hysterical tears.

They argue over whether they like apples or bananas. They argue about who owns the box of Weetabix. They argue about whether the top should be left on or off the milk. They argue about whether it’s going to rain or not. Or whether they want it to rain or not. They argue over who the moon belongs to. They argue about whether they have a wet or a dirty nappy. They argue about whether they should have their nappy changed. They argue about who should have their nappy changed first. They argue about whether the other one is too close when they’re having their nappy changed.

They argue about who goes out of the front door first. They argue about who goes into the car first. They argue about who will get out of the car first. They argue about whether or not we should listen to music in the car. They argue about whether we should sing in the car. They argue about what song we should sing in the car. They argue about whether we should stop singing.

If one requests to watch a certain television programme, the other will immediately ask for something different. If one asks for the yellow cup, the other will immediately ask for the same yellow cup. Their favourite thing to argue about is whose mummy I am. “My mummy!” “No! MY mummy!”

Today they had argued so much that they ran out of topics to debate, and in desperation they resorted to just shouting “My! My! My!” at each other.

My ears are still ringing.

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25 comments to Sticks and stones…

  • Mamabearuk

    From the outside this sounds hilarious. Sorry…

  • I comfort myself with the idea that Mini has the capacity to be mean to Nano, but also can be so kind and loving to him. I persuade myself that I can’t have one without the other. I am clinging to this thought

  • Oh my. It’s just like that here. Mine even argue over random imaginary stuff. You have my complete understanding, but I can’t spare any patience – it’s all needed here! x

  • ficklemiss

    You have just described life with my two boys, 20 months between them and they argue about everything – from whose mamma I am to where to sit on the sofa to what knife & fork they want to whether a light needs to be on or off. Just when i am about to lose my patience completely they are loving and helpful to each other………….for 5 minutes and then it starts again!

  • Mine argue a lot too, but I think maybe this is a product of being twins, with closeness comes the opposite. Having said that, Ned and Eve once had an argument over who had possession of an imaginary football, so maybe not…

    • Heather

      I don’t know if it’s a twin thing or not, but it’s definitely annoying! Some days are obviously worse than others. It must be hard having to get on with someone else 24/7. I’m not sure I could do it!

  • Mine are the same and there is 15 months between them, but now they fight too

    • Heather

      When they were a bit smaller they were rougher with each other, but that seems to have eased off a bit. I’m sure the fighting will start up again at some point though.

  • I’m so sorry but the more ‘They argue about …’s i read the more I smiled. I can only imagine how much your head hurts. X

  • I apologise immediately for chuckling at the end…even the moon they discuss?
    It is hard at times and my two are certainly no angels but when I reach my threshold I raise my voice (which can be LOUD) that seems to quieten them down for a bit and I can gather my thoughts again until the next time
    Thanks so much for entering this into the carnival x

  • I feel for you honey. I don’t think it’s a twin thing though. My girls are 18 months apart and they fight constantly. I’ve blogged about it many times.
    Their nastiness to each other never ends.
    Cling to those good bits!

  • Sounds exhausting. If it’s any consolation – at least they’re not arguing with you. As I only have one child at the moment, I’m the only one she can vent her frustration on! This post is very timely – just watched an episode of Charlie & Lola where they get in trouble for constant squabbling. Takes me right back to being 7 again and arguing with my 3 year old sister. Hang in there! x

    • Heather

      Yeah my brother and I bickered endlessly. Your consolation would be better if it were true. Sadly they do manage to find the time and energy to argue with me too!

  • Sorry this made me smile, they sound like great characters! I remember buying my first twin pram from Ebay from a woman whose twins were just over 18 months. She told me she was selling because even though it became a pushchair her twins fought constantly if next to each other and she was going for a tandem instead. I smiled but inwardly thought ‘gosh her twins must be a nightmare’.

    Twelve months later when mine were pulling each other’s hair out in the pushchair and I was advertising it for sale on Ebay I realised that there comes a time when sometimes being so close to someone is obviously just too much.

    Luckily my twins (who are nearly 3yrs) are in the ‘we’re best friends’ stage at the moment. Long may it last!

    • Heather

      I will look forward to the ‘best friends’ stage for the next few months then! We have an inline and a side-by-side pushchair, and I think they prefer being in the inline, though they refuse to spend much time at all in a pushchair these days!

  • That was brilliant – sorry, but I hope you can forgive me for laughing. My two older girls (7 and 4) argue and bicker all the time, so it looks like I’ve got it to come all over again for the twins. They are 12mo and still like each other, I think, but I am under no illusion that this will last forever. Brilliant post with real insight into sibling rivalry.

    • Heather

      Maybe you’ll be lucky! My two were never hugely keen on each other – Ez has been extremely protective of her own space since she was tiny – so maybe I’ve just got two that won’t get on. It makes the moments where they do show their love for each other extra special. Thanks so much for your comment.

  • Can so identify with the My Mummy, nooooooooo MY mummy thing – we had twenty minutes of that over the weekend… Still was nice to be wanted

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