THIS WEEK’S Twin Peak #3

The twins’ capacity for learning songs and actions knows no bounds at the moment, and they pick up tunes and rhymes like a sponge. This week they’ve even embraced another language, suddenly bursting into a round of “Frere Jacques”, obviously picked up at nursery as it’s not a song we’d sung at home until the last few days, when we’ve been singing it almost continuously.

I shared a bath with Ez and Fonz this week and we played “This Little Piggy”. I played this with them at regular intervals over the last nearly 2.5 years, but neither child has ever shown much keenness for it. However, on this occasion, they loved it, and after getting me to repeat it a few times, they were straight into playing it with each other’s toes in the bath. As a general rule, they don’t like to do anything together that involves physical contact, so this felt like a special moment, worthy of the Twin Peaks badge this week.

I’ve added a linky to this post this week, so if you write about your own Twin Peak, please link up so we can all share some twin highlights.

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  • ah too cute Ez and Fonz. Mine are now 2 years and 8 months and in the mornings before I go into their room I love to hear them chatting to each other about their dreams on the baby monitor, “Rabbit eating red tomatoes”, “Dog eating cabbages”, “cat eating salad” Bizarre sounding but lovely they are conversing rather than shouting mine mine all the time! xxx

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