THIS WEEK’S Twin Peak #4

Two to share this week…

The first happened out of my sight, so I only heard it.

Fonz: Owww!! I hurt my kneeee!
[Ez races round the corner]
Ez: Poor Fonz. My kiss it better.
Fonz: Fankoo Ez. Better now.

The second happened this morning when we braved the cold to head to our local lake to feed the ducks. Cold and tired, we were all making our way back to the car. Fonz insisted on being carried on my shoulders, while Ez walked along beside me. She’s terrified of dogs, and kept freaking out every time a dog came our way. So Fonz started to keep a watch out for her, giving her constant reassurance all the way back to the car. “No dogs Ez, jus’ people comin’. No scared now.”

As with last week, there’s a linky below so if you have your own Twin Peaks post to share, please add it here!

I’m also going to link up to Chris’s ‘The Things They Say And Do‘ post this week, as I’m loving hearing what everyone else’s children have been saying this week.

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