Bedtime stories

It seems that the twins are changing so fast at the moment, it’s been hard to keep up with the huge differences we’ve seen over the last couple of months.

Early in the new year, Ez was so furious about being put down for a nap in her cot, that shortly after I left the room I heard a loud crash. I ran back in to find her sitting in shock on the floor next to her cot, having successfully flung herself out of it in her fury.

For about five minutes I immersed myself in complete denial. It didn’t happen. It was a one-off. It would definitely never happen again. But try as I might, I couldn’t dislodge the image, in sharp focus in my head, of Ez in a plaster cast after breaking her arm falling out again.

I had always planned to keep the twins in their cots for as long as possible. The thought of two toddlers, free to roam without restriction scared me rigid. I imagined that none of us would ever sleep again. But the choice had been made for me, and so we decided to take the sides off the cot beds that very afternoon.

When we were choosing childrens bedroom furniture for the nursery, we opted for cot beds so they would see us through for as long as possible. Although they look tiny as beds, they’re still more than big enough for Ez and Fonz. I know it won’t be too long before we need to look at proper childrens beds – I really like the idea of them sharing bunk beds at some point in the future.

We put a stair gate on the door of their room, so we wouldn’t get any middle of the night wanderings. That first night, when we tucked them up in their beds, I was so anxious. Ez fell out once, so we popped her back in. Fonz climbed out of bed twice, but after we returned him, he settled, and they were quiet and asleep within minutes. That night, I woke up every hour, worrying about them. But I didn’t hear a peep from them until morning.

The best thing about the beds is how much closer we can be at bedtime. I love climbing into one of the beds for a story and all cuddling up under the duvet. Assuming we can agree of which books we read (another constant source of arguments), it’s one of my favourite times of the day.

My top tips for moving from cots to beds are:

  • Involve the children. Ez and Fonz got out their wooden tools, and “helped” us take the sides off the cots.
  • Talk it up. We made a real fuss of the fact they were going into Big Boy and Big Girl beds.
  • Offer rewards. Stickers are the currency of choice in our house, and I’m pretty sure the twins would do almost anything to get them. So the promise of a sticker in the morning if they stayed in their own beds all night was just the ticket.
  • Be firm. If they do climb out of bed (as Fonz often does now the novelty of it has worn off), firmly but calmly put them back without saying a word. You may have to repeat this for what seems like a million times, but eventually they’ll give up and settle down.
  • Give plenty of praise. The first morning after a sleep in their beds, we lavished praise on the twins. They were so proud of themselves, and wanted to tell everyone they met what they’d achieved.

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