LAST WEEK’S Twin Peak #7

After an absence of twin peaks the week before last (we didn’t have a bad week, there just wasn’t much that the twins seemed to do together), here is our slightly belated twin peak from last week.

The twins are playing with a toy (I can’t remember exactly what), taking a turn, and then passing it to the other so they can have a turn.
Fonz: Nice sharing, Ez.
Ez: Sankoo Fonz.
Fonz: Pleasure Ez.
Ez: Nice sharing, Fonz.
Fonz: Fankoo Ez.
Ez: My pleasure.

I’m not sure this second one should be considered a highlight, but it did really make me laugh, and that counts for a lot! The twins don’t like it when I shout, and they immediately tell me off if I raise my voice. They do the same to each other, too. We were on our way somewhere in the car, and for some reason (I had obviously tuned their bickering out at this point), Fonz told Ez not to shout. “Don’ shout me Ez!” Ez responded by screaming, at the very top of her voice, “Don’ shout me, Fonz!” and then they both screamed “Don’ shout me!” in unison over and over and over until they were laughing so much they couldn’t speak anymore.

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