MAD begging…

Just in case you’re stuck for a nomination for Best MAD Homes Blog in this year’s MAD Blog Awards, may I please direct you to my other blog, Growing Spaces, which just so happens to be a Homes Blog. In fact, there may be some begging going on over there right . . . → Read More: MAD begging…

Making time for me time

I feel exhausted.

Not just some of the time.

Not just most of the time.

But all the time.

I go to bed feeling tired, and I wake up feeling just as tired. And I can’t blame the twins because more often than not these days I’m getting around eight hours of decent, unbroken sleep.

So I went to see the . . . → Read More: Making time for me time

Oh Baby London review

We’ve entered Stage Pink. Suddenly, Ez has developed a strong feeling towards the colour pink. I can only thing that this is either in-built in girls, or that it has been picked up from nursery, because, wherever possible (it’s seemingly impossible at times), we have actively avoided going down the traditional pink/blue route with Ez and . . . → Read More: Oh Baby London review

Mid term report


PUPIL’S NAME: Heather Young

SUBJECT: Languages
Despite failing to show an aptitude for languages in the past, Heather has really connected with Toddler Speak, and is coming on in leaps and bounds. She has a natural talent for both speaking and listening, and her written work is improving rapidly. Heather tells me that . . . → Read More: Mid term report

Twin peaks #9

Snippets of a conversation just overheard while the twins are in bed (not going to sleep as they should be) and I was in the bath.

Fonz: Sorry Ez, make hammer noise now [Ez is scared of loud noises such as the hammer or the drill]
[Fonz bangs the side of his bed with a squeaky rubber duck]
Fonz: . . . → Read More: Twin peaks #9