Twin Peaks #8

There are actually too many to choose from this week.

We’ve had a fantastic few days which have seen the twins get on the best I have ever seen them. They are actively playing with each and I’ll often find them huddled together, taking turns with whatever it is that has caught their attention.

There was this from the other night (just after we’d put them to bed)…

Ez: Fonz, what song would you like?
Fonz: I’d like sing Baa Baa Pink Sheep
[both sing Baa Baa Pink Sheep]
Fonz: I wanna sing Twinkle Twinkle
[Ez sings it to him]
Fonz: And Baa Baa again?
[both sing]

We’ve spent a lot of time with a heavily pregnant friend, and the twins have also just become cousins for the first time, so they are fascinated by babies at the moment. The other night we stuffed their comfort blankets up their pyjama tops and they ran round shouting “Baby in my tummy! Baby in my tummy!”

And to finish off, a heartwarming one. The usual “My mummy!” “No, MY mummy” was starting, until I heard Fonz say. “No Ez, let’s do sharing. Share mummy.”

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