Twin peaks #9

Snippets of a conversation just overheard while the twins are in bed (not going to sleep as they should be) and I was in the bath.

Fonz: Sorry Ez, make hammer noise now [Ez is scared of loud noises such as the hammer or the drill]
[Fonz bangs the side of his bed with a squeaky rubber duck]
Fonz: There, all done now.
Ez: Ok, sankoo Fonz.
Fonz: Jus’ one more noisy hammer again. Ok?
Ez: Ok
Fonz: [in a whisper] Bang, bang, bang [lightly taps duck against bed]
All done now, don’ worry Ez.

Then a couple of minutes later…

Fonz: You done a big poo Ez?
Ez: No Fonz, no done a big poo. I done a big wee wee.
Fonz: Oh no! Done it in a nappy?
Ez: Yes, in my nappy.
Fonz: I need a big wee. I do it in my nappy too I fink.
Ez: Ok, well done Fonz.

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