Mid term report


PUPIL’S NAME: Heather Young

SUBJECT: Languages
Despite failing to show an aptitude for languages in the past, Heather has really connected with Toddler Speak, and is coming on in leaps and bounds. She has a natural talent for both speaking and listening, and her written work is improving rapidly. Heather tells me that she is finding time to practise her Toddler Speak with two native-speakers and that she has even begun thinking in Toddler. She must be reminded, however, that the nuances of Toddler Speak change on an hourly basis, so she should not rest on her laurels and must keep up the good work.

Heather is getting to grips well with her Season Ticket Calculus. Tests have shown that she is now more confident in comparing a single entry price to a local amenity with the cost of a season ticket. She is making good progress in her budgeting skills after struggling since beginning this course. Heather needs to understand that good organisational skills and commitment are key to her success in this area. She will attend weekly catch up meetings with her project partner to concentrate on this.

SUBJECT: Physical Education
Heather’s commitment to this subject is patchy at best. She could do very well if she applied herself, but her concentration is sorely lacking. Now that Heather has signed up to run the Royal Parks’ Half Marathon for Tommy’s, she must improve her attendance and performance if she is to succeed in this endeavour. Heather must complete all her coursework, and would be well advised to put in extra hours if she is serious about reaching her goal.

Heather has a passion for art and design and is a pleasure to teach, although she must be encouraged to see projects through to completion, as she can be guilty of tiring of them and leaving them unfinished. She has demonstrated a strong interest in her Interior Design module, and has done extensive research into areas includingĀ childrens desks andĀ  bedroom furniture. Her final piece of work for this module (reworking the ground floor space of a busy family home) is coming along very well, and I believe that Heather can expect high marks in this subject.

SUBJECT: Geography
Heather has been enthusiastic about learning, and has organised numerous field trips. She works well on her own or in a group, and has demonstrated strong leadership skills. She is not deterred by bad weather, and has found creative ways to work wet weather to her advantage. Heather has a tendency to play it safe, and should be encouraged to be braver in her coursework topics. She could also work on her organisation skills, as greater commitment to research would help to produce more consistent results.

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