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We’ve entered Stage Pink. Suddenly, Ez has developed a strong feeling towards the colour pink. I can only thing that this is either in-built in girls, or that it has been picked up from nursery, because, wherever possible (it’s seemingly impossible at times), we have actively avoided going down the traditional pink/blue route with Ez and Fonz at home.

But Ez is at an age where she is adamant she makes her own decisions, and never less so than when picking out her clothes for the day. More times than not, her outfit must involve some level of pink, which has been difficult considering she only owns two pink tops. The process normally turns into a major battleground, with Ez throwing a tantrum because there isn’t a clean pink top for her to wear.

So when Oh Baby London offered to send me some of their gorgeous, non-pink, clothes to review, I jumped at the chance, although I was secretly concerned that Ez might refuse to wear them at all costs (a lovely friend recently crocheted Ez a beautiful hat, but it’s blue, and so to date we have not managed to persuade her to put it anywhere near her head).

Ez was sent the eye-catching Tattoo Sweatshirt Dress set, and Fonz received the Naughty Kid Sweatshirt (haha) and both toddlers immediately loved the clothes, aided by the beautiful packaging which made them look like presents! Ez was so enthusiastic about the tiger on her dress that she demanded to put it on immediately, and proudly showed everyone we met her new tiger. I was slightly unsure about the leopard print leggings originally, but Ez has had a growth spurt recently and now they fit better they’ve won me over. Fonz’s sweatshirt, although not so colourful has plenty to entertain him on it.

Both items have gone into the twins’ clothing chart straight at Number One. And I’m a fan too because they’re something a bit different and they wash brilliantly. And not a scrap of pink in sight. Hallelujah.

Disclosure: I was sent the items mentioned above free of charge by Oh Baby London in exchange for this review.


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