Twin Peaks #10

What I’m loving this week is how, when I ask Ez and Fonz to choose their pants each morning, they have to go through the whole drawer, separating them into a pile of Ez’s pants and a pile of Fonz’s pants. Sometimes they’re both rifling through the drawer and there are pants flying through the air in every direction. On many occasions I have ended up with a pair of pants on my head while two toddlers are bent over double laughing at the sight of me.

Overhead this week was this bedtime conversation between the two of them, born I think through our long weekend to the Lakes the weekend before last, when we did a lot of talking about holidays, and a lengthy make-believe holiday we’d been on earlier that same evening which had actually seen the twins strip off completely so that they could go swimming….

Fonz: What you taking on holiday?
Ez: My holiday bag!
[huge round of giggles]
Fonz: I need a bag too.
Ez: Got no bag?
Fonz: No! I need a bag. I need Ez’s bag!
Ez: No Fonz, I can’t go on holiday yet – I need my seatbelt on. Click a seatbelt. Need your seatbelt on Fonz.
Fonz: Click!
Ez: We’e here! I need my seatbelt off. Click!
Fonz: Ok! Click!
Ez: I wanna go a playground. Drive a playground? I need a seatbelt. Click!
Fonz: Click!
Ez: We’re here. Need seatbelt off. Click!
Fonz: Click! I wanna go a nursery?
Ez: Drive a nursery then. Click!
Fonz: Click! I wanna go a playground.
Ez: No we at nursery now. Bye bye daddy and mummy.

And the highlight of the week? Hearing Fonz, in the middle of playing ‘putting each other to bed’ getting annoyed with Ez for stealing the blanket, and then rapidly switching to finding it funny before he loudly declared, “Oi! Stinky bum!” when Ez stole the blanket one final time.

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