Twins Peaks #11

The twins are in bed, but aren’t sleeping yet. I march upstairs ready to yell ask them calmly to settle down, but they are chatting away so nicely that I decide to take a pew on a stair and listen to their conversation. Ez has a stack of Maisie books in her bed, and is reading them to her ‘bruvva Fonz.’

Ez: Read that one now [Maisie Dresses Up]? Ok… It’s make a special costume time. It’s zebra. Hello Maisie! The End.

Fonz: Yay! Well done Ez. Now I wanna go a sleep.

Ez: No!

Fonz: Yes, I’m rilly tired.

Ez: No Fonz, you’re no tired.

Fonz: Oh.

Ez: You’re hungry.

Fonz: Oh.

Ez: I read shopping book now [Maisie Goes Shopping]. There’s no more food. I need food. Go shopping. Buy bread. Theeee End!

Fonz: I just lie down and get special stickers Ez? [The twins get a reward sticker for staying in bed all night]

Ez: There are no special stickers Fonz.
[to herself as she leafs through all the book] I don’ like tht one. I don’ like that one. I don’ like that one. There’s no more reading now. Move back and leave my circle now. [no idea what this means].


Ez: I not be happy.

Fonz: Ez sad?

Ez: No.

Fonz: Ez happy?

Ez: No. I crossed.

Fonz: Ez cross?

Ez: Yes. Because look! Is all the mess. It made it very sad. My mummy is crossed.

Fonz: No, my mummy is happy.

Ez: No mummy is crossed because the books is not sitting very well.

Fonz: I need to put soap on my hands?

Ez: Put water and soap because I been the farm.

Fonz: I not been a farm.

Ez: Where’s a been to? What’s a been to?

Fonz: I beeeeeeeeeeen… I beeeeeeeeeen… a Welly park [Wellington Country Park].

Ez: Wash your hands then. I got water on my hands and soap.

Fonz: I no been a farm but I wash my hands.

Ez: Rub it together like this. Soap between your fingers. Yeuch all dirty. Now nice and cleaned.
Mummy very crossed.

Fonz: Ez happy now?

Ez: I very crossed. I go sleep now. I no feeling well.

Fonz: No feeling well?

Ez: No. [big sigh]

[Fonz tries a change of subject]
Fonz: Chicken and rice and nana.

Ez: Oh I no like chicken. I like fingers! [fish fingers]

Fonz: Oooooh fingers.

Ez: My favourite.

Fonz: My favourite too. Aaaaaannnd yoghurt! Aaaaaand strawberries! Aaaaaaand ham!

Ez: And egg.

Fonz: I no like egg. Pardon you Ez!

Ez: I not do a fart. Jus’ a wee wee!

Fonz: You need a change your nappy then.

Ez: No change a nappy. Jus’ a wee wee.

Fonz: [sounding very weary now] Ok Ez.

Ez: There I changed a nappy!

Fonz: No, pants!

Ez: Shh Fonz the baby’s upstairs. [Whispers] Is time for sleeping. Have a be quiet.

[And both sleep]

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