Twin Peaks #13

E: Choose a book Fonz?

F: I choosing a book!

E: [‘Maisy Makes Gingerbread’] Maisy in the kitchen today. Need eggs and sugar and butter and flour. Mix it up. Now we put it in the oven. I want a bus stop please [‘Maisy’s Bus’].

F: Ok. Oh! I don’ like that one.

E: My bus stop please! Thank you. We read that one already. Choose another one please Fonz. Bus stop. Bye bye everyone see you soon! Bus stop number three. Hello squirrel. Hello black cat. There’s Tallulah over there.

F: Oops wake up little black cat.

E: Bye bye everyone!

F: Broom broom. Here’s another one.

E: No that’s not the right one.

F: Oops, sorry.

E: Fonz find it. This way, like that!

F: Sorry Ez. Sorry. I can’t find it. Don’ be sad, I look some more.

E: I sad! I don’ like this book. I like the shopping one today. I see the shopping one! Yeah please, yeah?!

F: In my bed?

E: No, here. Thass my special book. Is called Ez [‘The Baby Catalogue’].

F: Ez and Fonz?

E: No, just Ez. Oh there’s Fonz. Your brother is called Ez for you. A baby brother Ez for you! Is called brother Ez. My baby is called Baby Gaga [Ez's favourite doll].

F: Baby is crying.

E: I put my baby in my tummy. There! I put my baby in my tummy. Thass my baby brother called Mummy.

F: Let’s get it out.

E: No, it’s not getting out yet. Is still crying. Is stopped crying. Take it out Fonz for me? Put it on my bed.

F: I can’t do it.

E: Oh I do it then! There. All done. Ooh it’s heavy. I sort my blacket out already. I need to look cool on my bed. [Takes her toy lamb, which also unzips into a pyjama bag] Fonz do a zip up.

F: Sorry. Let’s see. Oh, that zip.

E: Yes, that. Oh, when mummy gets here, mummy do it for me. Mummy help! Mummy! Mummy do it for me!

F: No, you do it yourself. Baby lamb.

E: That’s mummy lamb. Where’s Ez and Fonz’s lambs?

F: Don’ know

E: Mummy do the zip!

F: There’s Ez and Fonz’s lambs. Look!

E: That’s a sheep.

F: Oh. Give it to me. I want it.

E: No. In there now?

F: No, my baby lamb.

E: Yeah, take it. This is lamb for you, yeah? Wass it called?

F: Lambs. This is mummy lamb. This is daddy lamb.

E: No that’s mummy’s lamb that’s daddy’s lamb. That a got a baby. That’s mummy sheep.

F: No that’s daddy sheep.

E: Yeah? Two? Yeah?

F: Yeah! Twins!

E: That’s a cat?

F: No. That’s a monster. Kissy kissy kissy.

E: Oh no! Is a monster! A monster go in the house! Hello little monster. How are you? Monster’s coming! Coming a tickle me!

F: Is coming. Is coming. Tickle tickle tickle tickle.

[giggles from both twins]

F: Where’s your monster?

E: There’s a monster. Hello little monster, how are you? Go a park? Go away monster.

F: Where’s the monster gone?

E: There! He not come out. I go a sleep Fonz. Bye bye. Bye bye Fonz see you soon.

F: Bye bye.

E: I see you soon.

E: Two, three, four, five cows. Go away Fonz!

F: I not go away. I stay in my bed.

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