Cybher meet and greet

I can’t believe I’m about to attend a blogging conference for the third year running. Have I really been blogging that long? This year, I’m off to Cybher, and once again my ticket has been sponsored by the fantastic team at Huggies. I’m aiming to do less chatting and eating cake, and a bit more listening and taking notes at this conference. Yeah, right…

Name: Heather Young
Blogs: Young & Younger (parenting twins) and Growing Spaces (family-friendly interiors)
Twitter ID: @HeatherYoungUk
Height: No idea. Around 5’7” I suspect. Does your height change after having children?
Hair: Sorely in need of a cut. Long, dark with a fringe that may or may not decide to behave on the day.

Five things you should know about me:

1. I have twin toddlers (2.5 years old), so please excuse the frazzled, vacant expression and bags under the eyes.
2. My favourite place in the world is probably Greece. I met my husband in Crete.
3. I’m originally from Croydon so this will explain why you may find me dancing on a table at some point in the evening.
4.  I’d do almost anything for a bag of pick ‘n’ mix.
5. I believe that gin and tonic is the best alcoholic beverage because it includes alcohol (gin), liquid to rehydrate you (tonic) and one of your five a day (lime, preferably).

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