The things they say and do: Baby talk

Chris over at Thinly Spread has a great series called The Things They Say and Do, about, you guessed it, the funny things that kids do and say. I’ve been meaning to write a post for it for ages, and this conversation with Ez this week just had to be recorded…

As a short introduction, Ez is currently obsessed with babies. As well as a new baby cousin, a lot of our friends are having babies at the moment, so there has been lots of talk of babies in tummies, and baby brothers and sisters. She told me earlier this week that she would like a baby brother. Called Luke. The mind boggles. I should probably state for the record that I am not pregnant, nor do I have any intention of being any time soon.

I was driving the twins to a birthday party this week when Ez piped up in the back of the car:

Ez: Mummy. Actually I wan’ you have two babies. Not one baby in your tummy. Two babies in your tummy. Like Ez and Fonz.
Me: You want me to have another Ez and Fonz in my tummy?
Ez: Yes, twins! Ez and Fonz twins!
Me: I’m sorry, but there aren’t any babies in my tummy.
Ez: Tomorrow babies in your tummy?
Me: No. Ez, I don’t have any money for more babies!
Ez: Money in your purse mummy? In your bag?
Me: No, I don’t have money for babies in my purse.
Ez: We go a big food shop and pay for some money? Then we go a baby shop and pay for a baby.
Me: How much do you think a baby costs Ez?
Ez: Seven pounds. I pay you seven pounds and you go a baby shop, get a baby in your tummy. Two babies.
Me: You think that you can buy babies in a shop?
Ez: Yes mummy. We go a big food shop and pay for money and bread and milk. We go a baby shop, buy a baby.
Me: Ok Ez.

For once, Fonz remained completely schtum.

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