Twin Peaks {14}

It’s fair to say we’ve not had the best of weeks. 24 hours in hospital with a wheezy Fonz swiftly followed by a vomiting bug for Ez (picked up from the hospital I suspect), which I then fell victim to about 36 hours later.

The night I spent with Fonz in hospital was the first that the twins have ever spent apart. They share a bedroom, and despite there being some nights where one or other of them has spent the majority of the night in our bed, they’ve always gone to bed together. Fonz had other things on his mind on Sunday night (mainly steadfastly refusing to even consider sleeping in a hospital cot, instead insisted on sleeping spreadeagled on the small put-up-bed provided for me to get some sleep), and obviously our usual routine was all over the place for Ez. But apparently she was an absolute trooper, and wanted to go to sleep on her own, despite her daddy offering to sit in with her until she dropped off.

The next morning, the only thing on Ez’s mind was to get to the hospital to see Fonz and I. And she was keen to offer her brother support when needed. She gifted him plenty of “well done Fonz” comments when he sat quietly to take his inhaler, and watched the medical staff intently when they were doing his obs.

I’m don’t know if it’s anything to do with the drama of the week, but it feels like the twins are suddenly a lot closer. They’re joining together as a team. Chatting constantly to each other, asking each other questions, answering each other. They work out sharing systems with each other – “Fonz turn first, then Ez turn, yeah Fonz?” “We swap next time, yes Ez?” They look out for each other – “Car coming Ez! Stay on pavement.” “You feeling better Fonz?”

And today’s been brilliant. They’ve played well together for pretty much the entire day. We haven’t done anything very exciting (I’m still recovering from the bug), and normally they’d go stir crazy but instead they have worked out games together, they’ve entertained each other, and they’ve had great fun doing it. I snapped the photo above on my phone. I’d been taking a shot of Ez, when Fonz came over and wanted a picture with her. I suggested they have a cuddle and this hug happened, lasting perhaps ten long seconds.

They may not always show it, but they love each other really.

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