Mum on the run

In the last ten years or so, where did my hobbies disappear to? Firstly eaten up by a busy life and long working hours, then hours and hours of time sucked into DIY and turning flats, then a houses into homes. Finally, in an attempt to send my hobby time into complete oblivion I had twins!

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Silent Sunday

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But why mummy?

It’s ringing in my ears. The one word that I hear more than any other at the moment. More, even, than the word no. And I hear it in stereo because they’re both at it constantly. I celebrate their wonderfully enquiring minds, but do they have to ask questions ALL the time? “What’s that mummy?” ‘Whatcha . . . → Read More: But why mummy?

Gold medal for Olympic-inspired crafts

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about getting crafty with Yellow Moon. While the twins were playing, I got the craft materials out and set up. We started off with Trophy Card Cut-outs, which the twins adorned with Super Sports Foam Stickers. To start with, I had to help them peel the backs off the . . . → Read More: Gold medal for Olympic-inspired crafts

Thank you sky {The Gallery}

I’ve realised that my mood is often determined by the sky. If I wake to grey clouds, I find it hard to lift myself, to get motivated, to feel excited about the day ahead. But if when I open my eyes I can see the sun peeking through the edges of my blackout blind, and I . . . → Read More: Thank you sky {The Gallery}