Time to get crafty

Me, embarking on my latest art project aged about 6 I think

 Some of my earliest and best childhood memories are of crafting with my mum. I remember endless hours spent cutting, sticking, painting and creating with her. We rarely missed an episode of Hart Beat with Tony Hart and Morph, and would immediately go out to get whatever things we needed to make his latest projects. I’m pretty sure countless pieces of my artwork were sent in for The Gallery, but none of them made the final cut. Tony Hart’s art appreciation was obviously not totally spot on.

But I have loved art and craft ever since, I’m sure in no small part thanks to my mum’s creativity and for getting us involved from such an early age. So when I pictured myself as a mother, before having the twins, craft and cooking activities were always there at the centre of what I imagined daily life would be.

Yet now I’m a mum of two nearly three-year-olds, I don’t think I’ve lived up to my crafting expectations. We rarely do crafts at home, though the twins enthusiastically take part in any activity at play groups and nursery. I find myself unwilling to get out all the stuff, to try to manage the mess it will cause, and to put in the huge effort it takes to keep two toddlers interested and involved.

Now the twins are at an age when they are able to sit and concentrate for a bit longer (well one of them can, at least), I want to start investing more time and energy into crafting at home, not only because I think it’s something they will enjoy and benefit from, but because it’s a love of mine that I really do want to pass on to my children. And I’m hoping I’ll get something from it too – rediscovering my own creativity and imagination.

So it was perfect timing when children’s arts and crafts company Yellow Moon got in touch with me to ask if I’d like to join the Yellow Moon Blogging Network and review Yellow Moon products when crafting with the kids. We’ve had our first pack through the post and it’s sporting-related – ideal for a family currently obsessed with All Things Olympic. I’ve got a solo weekend with the twins coming up, I’ve had a look through the bits we’ve been sent, and I’m determined to set up aside some crafting time over the next few days.

Watch this space.

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