Welcome to the Multiple Mayhem Carnival

I’ve had a brilliant time reading everyone’s posts for this month’s Multiple Mayhem carnival and can’t wait to share them with you all. We have a fantastic and constantly growing community of parents of multiples who blog, and it’s been great being introduced to some blogs I didn’t know, and revisiting ones that I know and love. Despite volunteering to host the carnival this time round, I’ve failed miserably to write my own post. I can’t really use the excuse that life’s a bit busy, as I know you’re all just as busy too. So I just promise to do better next time!

Without further ado, let’s get started…

In A Different Voice sends a call out to the Twin Mafia with her list of the 10 superior skills of the twin parent. Brilliantly written, and definitely worth heading over to add your own unique skill to Jane’s fantastic list!

While we’re talking Twin Parent Power, head over to Mich’s place to find out what life would be like if twin mums ruled the world.

Once again, Jane at Northern Mum has me sniggering as I read her post about her struggles to board a Hammersmith & City line train. This is one for all those times you hear, “Oh, I’d just love to have twins.”

Mari from Mari’s World pens two beautiful letters to her twin girls as they turn four. Each letter is full of insight into two very different characters, and are bursting with love and pride. A wonderful post to read. Happy belated birthday girls!

And on the subject of birthdays, Rebecca from Here Come The Girls talks birthday cakes and shares some lovely birthday pics.

As I listen to my own twins up in their bedroom guffawing with laughter I can’t help but smile, even if they should actually be sleeping, so a post celebrating laughter by Debbie at Johnson Babies rings a chord with me. Seeing your children sharing their own jokes is something pretty hard to beat I reckon. Debbie has also shared a post about her experience taking the baby led approach to weaning twins – a great post whether you’ve been through the weaning stage, or are just about to start.

I remember little of my first year as a twin mum and over at Twins, Tiaras & Tantrums you’ll find a post about how routine, and in particular Gina Ford’s twin routine, saved her sanity in the first 12 months of her twin girls’ lives. She also writes an honest and personal post about life as a single mum of twins. I raise my hat to you – I find just the odd solo weekend tough going.

Fiona at Coombe Mill does what would send many of us into a spiraling black hole of terror and hosts a sleepover, complete with fun on the farm and morning-after-the-night-before cake decorating. Just goes to show that having triplets means you can tackle absolutely anything!

Two Of Everything asks is it twice as hard having twins? As I have nothing to compare it to, I don’t feel qualified to make that call – but her fantastic list of the things that are easier with twins was spot on.

There’s a really interesting post over at Trouble Doubled about whether to find out if her assumed non-identical twins are actually identical. As a mother of boy girl twins who constantly gets asked the ‘are they identical’ question I find the science behind it all absolutely fascinating.

Jo at Given To Distracting Others has survived the early years and now is a wise mother of twin teenagers! Here she looks back on the things people used to say to her when her teenagers were babies.

Emma at Crazy With Twins writes a funny and yet touching post looking at the world through the eyes of her beautiful newborn twins. WARNING: Do not read this post if you are at all broody as it contains pictures of gorgeous newborns. Emma is super-lucky, because her twins are even cute when they cry!

Tales Of A Twin Mum reflects on the differences between her twin pregnancy and her pregnancy with one baby. Her twin boys aren’t far off my two in age, so I’ll be interested to see what it’s like when her baby daughter arrives!

Rebecca from Two Become Four, who I consider my twin blogger (our twins are very close in age and remarkably similar!), writes a really interesting post about the differences in development between her gorgeous nearly-three-year-olds Jasper and Tilly.

I’m going to close this carnival by asking you all to please head straight over to Multiple Mummy to show your support for Kerry who is very sick . Kerry sent through her carnival posts before she was taken ill. First up is a thought-provoking post about how many relationships you have to manage as a twin parent, and how it’s no surprise it feels hard at times.  And Kerry’s second post is one that had me in tears when it was published back in Twins, Triplets & More week. Celebrating the things that make twins special, it’s the perfect post to end this carnival with – so head over now and add your own reason why multiples are super-special.

Thanks for reading. I can’t wait to go and add my own comments to all these fantastic posts.

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