Gold medal for Olympic-inspired crafts

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about getting crafty with Yellow Moon. While the twins were playing, I got the craft materials out and set up. We started off with Trophy Card Cut-outs, which the twins adorned with Super Sports Foam Stickers. To start with, I had to help them peel the backs off the stickers, but with just a bit of encouragement, they got the hang of it themselves and absolutely loved sticking them. It was interesting to watch Fonz pick random shapes, while Ez, with her love of order and logic, lined up matching stickers in a straight line.

We finished off our trophy cards with some decoration drawn with Giotto colour fibre tip pens. I was really impressed with these, as they were easy for the kids to use, and produced neat, strong lines, but when they got all over the table (which they inevitably did), they easily wiped off.

Fonz spotted the pack of Super Sport Scratch Art Magnets, and so we pulled them out. It took a little bit of demonstration and encouragement to get the children to use the scratch tools that came with the kit to scratch off the coating to reveal the rainbow colours beneath, but when they grasped it they whipped their way through the pack (which contains six different sport designs). Ez started to experiment with other ways to mark the the shapes and was rather pleased with herself when she discovered she could use her fingernail. “Mummy! I used my finger, mummy!”

I think all three of us really enjoyed this craft session. Approaching it in an organised way, with the materials ready, and with a series of short activities for them helped to make it such a success. It’s difficult to find time to plan out projects for crafts at the moment, so these easy pick-up-and-go ideas were perfect.

Now it’s time to head over to Pinterest and mastermind our next session…

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