But why mummy?

It’s ringing in my ears. The one word that I hear more than any other at the moment. More, even, than the word no. And I hear it in stereo because they’re both at it constantly. I celebrate their wonderfully enquiring minds, but do they have to ask questions ALL the time? “What’s that mummy?” ‘Whatcha doing mummy?” “What’s that do mummy?” And all of these questions ultimately lead to the same, dreaded words. “But why mummy?”

And so the following conversation, held between Ben and Fonz in the car earlier this week, was all the more brilliant. The solution to the problem is obviously to know the answer to everything in the world. Now where’s that encyclopedia?

Fonz: What’s that?
Ben: A substation
Fonz: What’s a substation daddy?
Ben: It transforms the voltage of electricity from a high voltage to a low voltage for distribution purposes.
Fonz: Nooooooooo! [chortles]

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