I’ve been hijacked

As a PR just kindly pointed out in an email, I haven’t blogged since September. This is possibly my longest blogging silence ever, and although I’m desperate to start writing again, I have yet another big work project on the go. These projects take up pretty much all of my dwindling brain power, and I find I’m left with nothing more to give. I guess it’s part of writing for a living – I think there are only so many words in my head, and they all get used up when I’m earning a crust.

Anyway, the pressure to write a post is building as the silence grows louder and louder, so I thought I just write a rambling stream of consciousness to clear the backlog and hopefully I’ll get back to posting more regularly again.

It’s been a great few months. Maybe I’m only any good at blogging when the going’s hard, and I’ve got something to moan about?

Anywhere, here are a few truly rubbish excuses for my prolonged break:

I’ve been distracted
My other blog (which is just as neglected as this one) was a finalist in the MAD Blog Awards – Best MAD Home Blog category – and it actually won. I wish I could say that the reason I haven’t been blogging here is because all my creative energies go into Growing Spaces, but I’d be lying through my teeth. Instead I just stress about failing to post on either blog.

Work’s been hectic
Over the summer I was quite literally snowed under, editing this year’s issue of Ideal Home’s Complete Guide To Christmas. It came out at the beginning of October, and I feel ridiculously proud of it. It was definitely my biggest career challenge to date, and though it was incredibly stressful at times, I really enjoyed getting my teeth into something again, and all the creative stuff involved in putting together such a lovely magazine.

I was running
I still can’t quite believe it, but I actually ran that half marathon I blogged about. 13.1 miles. And in the process I raised over £750 for Tommy’s. Despite it being bloody hard, I absolutely loved it.

We’ve been away
At the beginning of October we managed to get away for a summer holiday. We jetted off to Turkey where is was warm and sunny, and despite already being immersed in my next big work project, I did actually manage to switch off and chill out (amazing what a lack of wifi can do). I think we were actually surprised by how much we enjoyed the week. The twins have reached an age where they’re so much easier to handle  and we had such a brilliant time as a family. From hours spent in the swimming pool, to evening meals together and watching the crap resort entertainment, much fun was had by all.

Free time is non-existent
The last post I wrote, way back in September, was about the twins giving up their final nap. I was surprised how much I relished not being tied to naptimes, and although that hasn’t changed, I have been struck by how little time I have to do anything non-child-related during the day, and how knackered and brain-dead I am by the time they go to bed. I have yet to find an activity that means the small people will sit still for any great length of time while I get out the laptop to check emails, blog or catch up on Twitter.

But instead I am rewarded with such toddler conversational gems as:

Fonz and Ez in unison: It’s windscreen outside, mummy!
Me [bleary from this baffling wake-up call]: It’s what?
Fonz and Ez: Windscreen! Look!
[I open up the curtains to reveal heavy fog outside. I guess the windscreen connection is from when the car windows fog up]

[Picking the twins up from nursery after a farm came to visit]
Me: So, how was the farm?
Ez: Great! There was a pretend cow! It was a boy cow. He had lots of willies and a hand helped him to do his wee wees in a pot!
[The concept of milking a cow is obviously not one my children grasped]

[On telling Ez not to do something at the dinner table]
Ez: I’ll do whatEVER I want to, thank you mummy.

[On holiday, walking down to the restaurant in the evening]
Fonz: Listen mummy! Can you hear the teachers?
Me: The what, darling?
Fonz: The tiny teachers in the trees!
Me [frowning]: Do you mean the cicadas?
Fonz: Yes! The teachers!

My phone is regularly hijacked
Whether it’s playing on one of the many apps they love, looking at my photos, or taking photographs themselves, if the twins catch site of my beloved iPhone, it’s quickly snaffled away for toddler purposes, so I can’t even stay connected that way.

I am often kept in a headlock
Fonz is in a extremely affectionate phase. Dozens of times a day I am locked in a bear hug and told how much I’m loved. It’s blooming great. And I’m not the only lucky recipient. He often declares how much he loves everyone he can think of, and when he runs out of names he can remember, he simply declares, “I love EVERYONE!” And if I have to tell him off for anything, he replies sweetly, “Oh, but I still love you, mummy.”

He’s not daft, that boy.


10 comments to I’ve been hijacked

  • You’ve been having a life, I can tell. Life always gets in the way of blogging. I forgive you. :)

  • I agree with Troubles Mum, you have been off living your life and cramming as much in as is physically possible (and more sometimes). If you miss writing then schedule some time to do it and DON”T then decide that something else is ‘more important’ and use that time up. Doing things for you will make you feel better remember.

    I have missed your blog and I really loved this post.

    • Heather

      Thanks Kelly. I find that it’s not really scheduling the time to write that’s the problem, it’s more finding space in my brain to know what to write about. I think I need to start making notes when I have ideas – I used to do it and it definitely helped me focus and decide what topic I wanted to cover.

  • Great post – congrats on achieving so much in your real life while your blog life has been on hold. Love the toddler conversations too, haha! x

  • It’s just nice to see you back! Hooray!

  • I always dip in and out :) like Kelly says it is good to write when you want to but when other things are keeping you busy breaks are good. This all shouldn’t be a chore after all. And we’ll done on the race, and good to hear there has been a lot of good things happening in the Y house with your two monkeys xx

    • Heather

      I totally agree, but find it really hard to find that balance between keeping up with the blog, and not letting it become a chore. I always think it will get easier, but it never does! It’s definitely been a good few months with us – long may it continue! x

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