Buy handmade this Christmas

Christmas is fast-approaching and if, like me, you haven’t yet bought a single present (apart from for yourself which probably doesn’t count), you might be feeling the panic. So I thought I’d give a big shout out to a few of my creative and talented friends who have been busy getting their respective Etsy shops ready for the festive season. Start your Christmas shopping here…

Teal and Mustard
My wonderful friend Emily is very talented with a crochet hook (and her knitting needles), and is now sharing her fantastic creations on her brand new shop Teal and Mustard. I’ve already put in my order for her mistletoe tree decorations, and her brooches would make brilliant Christmas presents.

Eve & Ned
I can’t walk past a jewellery stall without being drawn in, so I absolutely adore Victoria’s¬†quirky and fun silver pieces. Her shop, Eve & Ned, is full of beautiful sterling silver jewellery that she makes herself at home, including a great range of rings and personalised necklaces. I am massively lusting after these button rings, especially when worn as a stack.

Petit Fromage
And then we have Kelly, who’s pretty handy with a sewing machine! Over at Petit Fromage¬†she has amassed a fabulous collection of handmade Christmas items such as stockings, cushions, bunting and table runners in gorgeous Scandi-style fabrics, but she’s so clever, she’s always knocking up new pieces such as an iPod/iPhone travel case or crochet hook pouch. So if you’ve got an idea for something, but you don’t know your way round a sewing machine, give Kelly a shout.


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