Whatever the weather

Come rain or shine, unless one of us is ill we rarely spend a full day inside the house. Ever since the twins were tiny, getting outside has been part of our daily life. In the early days, it was because two babies crying sounded a lot less loud outside than inside, and so I’d walk, and walk, and walk, with them in the pushchair, desperate to try to get them to sleep, or just to remind myself that there was a world outside the four walls of our living room.

And so this habit of being out and about took root, and there’s little that’ll stop us. When the weather’s bad, we often have the playground or park to ourselves. We get the pick of the best puddles, the run of the slide (the slide’s even faster in waterproof trousers), or first dibs on the playground’s favourite attraction – like the trampoline you see in this picture.

What I love about this shot is that for a start I’m in it, which is a rarity on our outings. I love that the reason I’m in it is because three-year-old Ez managed to pilfer my phone from my bag, and snap some shots of her brother and I enjoying having the place to ourselves. I love that jumping in puddles is one of the twins’ favourite activities and I love that this week, we’ve added crunching in icy puddles to our favourite things to do list.

I don’t feel that overwhelming panic at being stuck in the house anymore, but most of the time, I’d probably still prefer to be in the playground in the rain.


I’m linking this up to Chris’s Festive Families Photography Competition at Thinly Spread.


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