Regrets? I have a few…

And the biggest regret this Christmas is the gift of moon dough. “Moon Dough – the magical molding dough. The amazing moldable, holdable, squishable, squashable, dough that never dries out!” For one unfamiliar with this fantastic play product, it promised great things – especially a set that offered the joy of making your very own coins to spend in your own shop. It looked so brilliant in fact that it was what Fonz picked out to give his sister for Christmas.

Now, I’ll be fair – moon dough does have positives. The kids love it, and well… the kids love it. They really do love it. But if you want to maintain any semblance of sanity, I strongly suggest you do not let this substance into your home. I’d recommend waiting until warmer weather and banish it to the garden. Because when it comes to being a menace in your home, moon dough for me ranks higher than glitter. At least glitter has a redeeming quality in that it’s pretty. In the right light it can even add a feeling of magic with its glittery sparkle.

Moon dough in any colour is simply a pest. It is almost impossible to pick up and gets trodden into floors, carpet, prized rugs and any soft furnishings. The colours are lurid. It spreads EVERYWHERE. It appears to be uncontainable – I tried using trays for moon dough playing but still it scattered far and wide.

So I did what any self-respecting homeowner would do. I ignored the fun it provided the children and I hid it. However it obviously also possesses a secret toddler homing signal because while I indulged in a shower this morning to try to blow away the slightly fuzzy head from last night’s New Year’s Eve (admittedly extremely low-key) celebrations, the moon dough managed to jump back in the hands of the twins, and it even helped them rip open the previously sealed packets. It’s sneaky stuff, that moon dough. Mid-shower a little voice uttered the dreaded words. “Mummy, Ez is not sharing the play dough.” My luxurious soak was cut short as I jumped dripping from the shower, threw on my towel and padded soaking wet footprints down the stairs.

And so this was the sight that greeted me.


I still can’t bring myself to consign it to the bin, but it will definitely be kept under lock and key until I have established more appropriate management techniques.

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