Fingerprint thank you cards

I’ve got the fingerprinting bug and I’ve got it bad. We had great fun as a family making our fingerprint reindeer Christmas cards and the twins enjoyed it so much that I created a Pinterest board full of fingerprinting ideas for us to try in the future. That came in really useful when I had to make a couple of last minute presents and I made two sets of notecards with various fingerprint designs.

 So it seemed fate when a good friend gave the twins fingerprinting sets for Christmas. These got a resounding thumbs up, and Ez and Fonz were really keen to make their mark on some blank cards for us to send as thank you cards.

The importance of sending thank you letters was drummed into me as a child, and although I do remember it as a chore and I’m sure my mum hated having to nag my brother and I to sit down and write our letters, I think it was a good thing to be taught, and now it’s my turn to pass it on to my own children (and take over the nagging role).

Once the twins had decorated our blank cards with their finger and thumb prints I set about adding some embellishments with a fine black pen, and used an alphabet printing set (one of my favourite presents this Christmas) to stamp out a message.

We all had fun – the kids loved the fingerprinting and I could indulge my creative side – something I’m keen to do much more this year. I won’t be making resolutions for 2013, but I am determined to do more of the things I enjoy.

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