Fonz: Waking up earlier and earlier, has a tendency to crash on the sofa mid afternoon, thinks it’s hilarious to lick my face.
Ez: Badly in need of a haircut, uses the phrase “But he’s just ruined it” a lot of the time when playing with her brother, wanted to stay in character as Sophie . . . → Read More: 10/52

A three year old’s collections

Ez has loved order since she was tiny. She enjoys nothing more than to line things up or group them – arranged by height, or type or colour. I have come into a room to find she’s sorted our huge array of HappyLand people into pairs of people that look similar, and filled our coffee table . . . → Read More: A three year old’s collections


‘A portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2013′

Inspired by the 52 Project at Che and Fidel.

I failed to get out with the DSLR this week so this week’s photos are brought to you by my trusty iPhone..

Ez: Boisterous, loves to dress up, wise beyond her years
Fonz: Affectionate, stubborn, . . . → Read More: 9/52