Art Sparks Learning

Me crafting

I credit my mum for my love of arts and crafts. I can vividly remember watching Tony Hart’s Hartbeat as a kid and the next day we would gather all the materials we needed for that episode’s big project and we’d do it together at home.

Art was always my favourite subject at school. When I was about 7 years old I had a teacher at school called Miss Simpson, who I absolutely adored. We spent most of our time doing creative writing and art projects (Miss Simpson wasn’t a fan of maths or science), and I would say that Miss Simpson was my favourite teacher throughout my whole school career. She really inspired me, and fostered a love of creativity that has stayed with me for the rest of my life.


Brookland Junior School, London, with their artwork

In November 2012, launched a campaign called Art Sparks Learning, where they presented public schools in the USA and UK with framed art in a bid to inspire an interest and love of art in the students. This year, are inviting the public to nominate schools in need that will each receive 18 framed artworks of their choice to  be used to decorate their school. Six UK schools will win the framed artworks, and all six schools will also be in the running for a grand prize of art supplies (last year’s winning school in the USA won $1,000 worth of art supplies).

You’ve got until 26th July to nominate your school so head over to now to make your nomination and inspire the next generation of artists!



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