‘A portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2013′

Inspired by the 52 Project at Che and Fidel


Ez giraffe


Al feet

Ez: A very happy Georgina the giraffe and a big fan of mirrors
Fonz: Showing off his filthy feet after a day at nursery

On weeks when I have the time, I’m going to add a brief summary of our week to these 52 Project posts, so I’ve got a record of what we got up to this year.

This week we’ve been basking in the UK’s heatwave, with the best spell of hot, dry weather since 2006 (I’ve had bare legs for two weeks straight – quite an achievement after the last couple of summers). We’ve pretty much lived outdoors, with a trip to our local lido (the kids played brilliantly together in the water), an afternoon in a friend’s garden to make use of their paddling pool, more giant paddling pool action with friends at Beale Park, and a day playing outside with the twins’ grandparents. This week also saw us attend a graduation (or “gradulation” as the twins call it) ceremony in the sweltering heat at nursery for the children leaving for school or pre-school in September. I was emotional because I’m not good with change, but I still think the idea of a graduation for three-year-olds is an odd (and unnecessary) concept.

We’ve been busy, so tempers have been rather frayed by the end of it. The kids have dealt with the hot weather brilliantly, but I guess the combination of lots of activities plus the heat does take its toll and they have definitely been fractious. Stormy – a bit like the weather looks set to be for the coming week…

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