‘A portrait of my children, once a week, every week in 2013′

Inspired by the 52 Project at Che and Fidel

Al spaghetti

Ez strawFonz: Loved a rare family meal out and was full of confidence
Ez: A quick juice stop before rejoining her brother on the tractor at the pub

This week passed in a complete blur, but at least that’s what I was expecting. With me away on an epic Christmas shoot in the heart of Oxfordshire for two nights, and Ben on nights, it was down to my parents to step in to take care of the kids and they took them away for a stay in their caravan, something the twins were really excited about. They had a fantastic time and are now caravan experts – taking great delight in instructing Ben and I on every detail of how to do things in the van when we joined them on Friday.

After we got home, we enjoyed a low-key weekend just the four of us. We played in the garden, treated ourselves a drink at the pub, and went out for dinner together (to celebrate Ben and I being together for 15 years) – something we do once in a blue moon.  We enjoyed each other’s company and some time pottering was just what we all needed.


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