Twin peaks {16}

After over a year a small break I’ve decided to bring back Twin Peaks. I’ll just use it to record snippets from our week – something Ez and Fonz have done together or something funny they’ve said.


The twins are sat talking to another little boy their age who we’re on holiday with. I think the boy has suggested that his upcoming birthday party is only for boys.

Fonz: “Well, Ez is my best friend so if you don’t invite her to your party too then I won’t be your best friend anymore and I won’t come.”


Ez: Today at pre-school we had to sit on a different edge of da carpet because we was messin’ around. We were sad but we didn’t need our uzzes (muslins).
Me: Oh, what were you doing that was messing around?
Ez: Cuddling.


Ez and Fonz: Mummy, mummy, mummy, we’ve got something to show you!
Me: [blearily checking the clock] Is the sun on your clock yet?
Fonz: No, but look what we did!
[Ez thrusts a colouring book in my face]
Ez: We did it together! Fonz coloured this bit and I done this bit!
Me: That’s great you did it together. Now back to bed until the sun’s on your clock.
Ez and Fonz: Ok!

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